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Dez catching too much heat?

Sunday's loss against the Lions in Ford Field was nothing but a blown game by the Cowboys. And when things start falling apart late in games the cameras never fail to span the losing team's sideline. Unfortunately it looked like was giving his best impression of former Cowboys receiver . It looked as though Dez was throwing a temper tantrum and taking it all out on , who was having a great game with 206 yards passing and three touchdowns. Two of which went to Dez Bryant, who finished the game with three catches and 72 yards. Could Dez's outburst been because  he was trying to keep pace with Megatron, to back up the comments he made during the week leading up to the game.

Believe it or not the whole situation was blown out of proportion, and there is evidence to back up that Dez wasn't pointing fingers or throwing his teammates under the bus. He in fact was trying to get his point across that he and Tony were the “best in the league” and that they should keep playing like it. His talk with Tony Romo was not confrontational at all, he and Tony were just trying to get on the same page. Bryant was mic'ed up for the game and you can hear him tell Tony “they manned me up… we destroy that.” People also thought that Bryant was getting frustrated that he wasn't getting targeted enough, but he once again he proved those reports were wrong. “I went over to and told him to keep killing em'.”


So now that the conversation between Dez and Tony is cleared up, critics still had questions about his screaming match with after Detroit scored the go ahead touchdown. In an after the game, Eric Edholm of Yahoo sports asked Dez about what happened between he and Witten. Dez quickly shot down anything about there being problems between he and Jason. “Witten was trying to get me to focus on the next drive…and get my mind right. I mean I was upset because it was a crucial situation in the game and they just scored a touchdown…it didn't sit well with me,” Dez Bryant said.

Many of Bryant's teammates have jumped to his , by saying Dez is a passionate player and there is no distraction. He just wants to win. Dez Bryant didn't intentionally throw himself into the spotlight, but because of confusion and not knowing what was being said he became the topic of discussion. When really the fingers should have been pointed a time management and the defense, or lack there of late in the game.

If the Cowboys and his teammates have Dez's back, then there is no reason why the fan-base shouldn't. He is not a cancer or distraction to this team.  Dez is producing each and every week and will continue to do so.


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