Disgrace in the Desert

The game against the Cardinals was probably the worst I have seen the Cowboys offense play in a long time. Specifically the O-Line! Something that really bothered me was earlier today listening to a radio show and them saying that Flo said they(the O-Line) played pretty good. NOT! Romo was running around as soon as the ball was snapped and it then he decided to go half retarded on and cough up the ball at very bad times. We have to protect better this week since we have an older gentleman,who shall be known as Ol’ Rusty Arm, leading the offensive unit. Oh yeah and the “Tuck Rule” or whatever its called is the dumbest thing I have heard in my life and we got very lucky that some dumb ass decided that it was a good rule.

Basically the Boy’s beat them selves on Sunday, and it was very obvious that the coaches were put in checkmate very early. Don’t get me wrong Jason Garrett is a brilliant OC and does have some very well designed plays up his sleeve…..BUT I am so tired of seeing Romo going through his pass progressions 3 or 4 times while he waits for something to develop. Lets get some fundamental routes back in our offense and stop trying to out smart the defense because it’s obviously not working. We have Many play makers on this team but we are not using them to their full potential. All last year we heard how T.O. is one of the best (if not the best) when it comes to YAC (yards after catch), but if were trying to throw 25 and 30 yard double and triple move routes he is not going to get the ball. I want to see some quick slants and fade stop routes where T.O. can get separation with the ball in his hands.

Felix looked good in his handful of carries until he got hurt which is a pretty big blow to the offense, but I am confident in Tashard Choice as a relief for Marion. Marion showed great break away speed in his long TD along the sideline (which I thought he was going to go out-of-bounds). We are going to rely heavily on the running game to keep Ol’ Rusty Arm in a rhythm since Romo is out.

This team needs to realize that every game is closer to the playoffs and every loss makes it harder and harder to reach the main goal of a Championship. We have the talent and the ability but it seems sometimes these guys don’t have the heart. This is not me pointing to everyone because I know that some of the guys (T.O. ,D-Ware, Witten, MBIII, etc.) do have the heart, but I think it is time for some serious leadership to take place and get this team going in the right direction. 4-2 is not bad and I am not complaining but the NFC East is not getting any easier and the season gets shorter every week.

What do you think?


Written by Lee Pierce


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