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DL Tyrone Crawford Named Cowboys’ Most “Overpaid” Player

Yes, it’s time for more Cowboys contract talk!

The main story surrounding America’s Team this offseason is what their game plan will be to re-sign their current free agents. But while the focus remains on those without deals, it’s worth taking a look at those with deals to see how the Cowboys got to this point.

Bleacher Report’s Brett Sobleski went through and identified the “most overpaid” player on each team’s roster, granting defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford the crown for the Cowboys.

“Considering the Cowboys’ continued contractual negotiations with others and Crawford’s $9.1 million salary-cap hit this year, the defensive lineman is an ideal candidate to restructure his deal or be released.”

Crawford signed a five year extension worth $45 million during the 2015 season, making him one of the more highly paid defenders on the Cowboys roster. And while he’s been a versatile member of their defensive line, Crawford’s recent injury history makes him a potential offseason cut.

Crawford has long been underrated by the fan base, but there’s no question that in relation to his contract, he’s overpaid. Still, his leadership in the locker room and willingness to do the dirty work against the run have made him a far more valuable member of the team than most would initially acknowledge.

I’d even argue that Tyrone Crawford was severely missed by the Cowboys last season, as the defense fell apart late in the season and could’ve used his voice in the huddle. And, of course, his effort on the field.

Typically I’ve scoffed at the idea the Cowboys would cut Crawford, someone highly regarded by both the coaching staff and personnel, but the reality is things have changed. Without Jason Garrett in place as the team’s head coach, Crawford’s contract may become too much of a sore sight for the new voices in the building.

Especially considering that he’s a 30 year defensive lineman who was placed on season ending IR with hip problems just one season ago.

Much remains up in the air for the Cowboys at the moment, as they await bank-breaking deals for key players and potentially a new CBA to be agreed on. But there’s no question that the team may be looking at their options for Tyrone Crawford this Summer.

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Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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