Don’t go bailing on us yet!

The media and rival fans and Cowboy haters all want the same thing from us Cowboys fans. They want us to jump ship and give up. Now I am sure that some fair weather fans will jump off just as the crazy cult members all drank the magic Cool-aid. But I don’t give up that easy. The Cowboys really haven’t played up to their potential and yes, it is very frustrating, but, am I the only one who believes this can be fixed? When you lose a crucial member of a TEAM the entire unit suffers. When you lose multiple crucial members of a TEAM it is devastating. Notice the emphasis on TEAM.

It seems to me that everyone over looks these injuries as if they are not a big part of the Cowboys problems. Yes, I know that you can’t blame injuries totally but when you lose that many key components your up Shit Creek without a paddle. To win in the NFL you have to be one cohesive unit. Something the Cowboys have yet to establish in the last few years. I believe that this is where the Cowboys problems originate. Yeah we can blame the coaches, and management and individual players, but the fact is it is everyone’s fault. This bye week could be a blessing in disguise for the Boys. This week could determine the rest of the season. This TEAM needs to put all the bull shit behind them and get all their own shit in the same sack. There is no team on their remaining schedule that can not be beaten. They all have been at least once this season. What needs to happen is a good old-fashioned ass reaming by every single member of the Cowboys organization.

Somewhere inside every one of the Cowboys there is a drive to win, a drive to be the best in the world. That is why they play in the NFL. All it takes is for them to believe in the system and believe in their own talent. Now it is up to them, all the fans can do is hope and pray (A LOT). With that said, I expect a change in 2 weeks against the Skins. But I don’t expect anyone to jump off the train just yet!

What do you think?


Written by Lee Pierce


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