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Don’t Make A Hasty Choice

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Don’t Make A Hasty Choice

I’m a Cowboys fanatic just as much as you all are.  I read your comments on and I just try and  understand where you are coming from.  I hear your cry to sit Bobby Carpenter and I agree.  However, it seems as though there are a lot of you pulling for Tashard Choice to get start, comparing him to Emmitt, and saying he’s just plain better then Barber.  I say you’re crazy.


In Choice’s short career he has been impressive, getting 114 carries and taking them for 572 yards and 3 touchdowns.  So that equates to a 5.0 average but only 1 touchdown per 38 touches.  He is simply a compliment back and anyone, even Tashard himself, who thinks that Dallas isn’t the perfect fit for him isn’t familiar with the type of league this has become.

Now let me re-familiarize you with Marion Barber, that STARTING tailback for the Dallas Cowboys.  Barber has been the option for the boys, in his 5 year career he has 747 carries for 3255 yards and 54 touchdowns.  A 4.4 yard average and a touchdown about every 13 carries.  Oh yeah, this season, the one some of you are calling for Choice to become the starter in, Barber is out rushing choice, with only 10 more carries Barber has 103 more yards, and averages 1.3 more yards-per-carry.

Now I’m not selling Choice out, I’m just saying lets not be too hasty.  Any one of these guys have starting potential but the move just doesn’t make sense.  We clearly have a backfield set for success, why change it?  Choice and Felix will be the tandem in a few years, but why not give them time to learn.  There is much to love about this group and not much to change.  Let the races begin!

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  • Joe

    The “fans” over at are nuts anyway, I read their comments every so often and it just amazes me at their stupidity. The fact that you wrote this article about them wanting Choice to get the start of Barber, and even Felix, does not surprise me ONE BIT.

  • Joe

    Reading more of their comments, a lot of them are saying we should trade in Folk for some draft picks? Are they fucking stupid? He is a PRO BOWL & CLUTCH kicker, who misses ONE FG, a 40 yarder which isn’t just a “chip-shot” FG, and their ready to throw him “under the bus”, he came back and made 2 clutch FG’s after that. These “fans” are either extremely retarded or very spoiled. I think I will go with the mix of both.


  • CrippledShark

    I think the spin on Choice over Barber is the health factor with Marion losing more playing time but it is all relative. I agree with your slant on Marion over Tashard but I think we need to look at this with a wider lens.

    If Dallas (Jason Garrett) would develop his game plan on the teams strengths instead of trying to show his offensive prowess; he would actually become more genius like. With Flozell getting along in age and with the size of our line – we need to run the ball. We need to run the ball until we can’t run it anymore. This will open up the passing lanes and also allow for one of the backs to pick up (or at least slow down) the blitzes that we see 60% of the time.

    With 2 TE sets the Boyz can begin to fully integrate Marty B and his huge potential and allow Witten to be used like Dallas Clark in Indy. All of a sudden we are not in dire need of a true number 1 receiver and we can allow Williams to be – Williams (a 1 B or # 2 WR).

    I would be happy with a 10-6 season and a trip to the playoffs this year if we got there by playing smash mouth football. Then next year we draft a real #1 WR and a bunch of O-linemen for depth and competition.

    By 2011, we’ll have Felix and Tashard along with another 4th rounder from the 2010 draft along with a very strong (and deep) line. This way Romo doesn’t have to win the games – just don’t lose them by flinging the rock all over God’s green turf.

    If you look at the systems from the Cowboys past or the systems of other successful franchises (Steelers, Patriots, etc…) they all have a proven system and they simply plug in another player if one leaves or gets injured or retires. We did it before and we can do it again.


  • Bryson Treece

    Well said Shark.

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