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Don’t Write off Cowboys Cornerback Chidobe Awuzie Just Yet

The have spent considerable assets this preparing for the possible departure of three of their key players in the . Chidobe Awuzie, , and are each entering a contract year with something to prove. They’ve added , , Reggie Robinson, and this offseason to the competition for 2020 and beyond.

After three seasons in the NFL and very little to show for it, Chidobe Awuzie has lost a bit of the allure that led to his selection in the of the 2017 . However, don’t give up on Awuzie just yet.

Coming into the NFL, Chido was seen as a versatile defensive back that could help a team at a variety of positions. While at Colorado, he played all over the secondary including slot corner and box . In his first year with the Dallas , that’s pretty much how they used him before putting him at the left cornerback spot full-time in 2018. Though a considerable portion of his snaps were played as a “wide corner” in 2017 per Pro , he did lineup as a safety (box or free) for 24 snaps and as a slot corner for nine snaps.

As the slot corner for those nine snaps, seven of which were in coverage, he was only targeted once, allowing a six yard touchdown reception. Despite the touchdown allowed, he still had a better target per snap rate than he did at “wide corner;” seven snaps for every target in the slot and 6.6 snaps for every target out wide.

It’s not a considerable difference, but thing that playing in the slot allows you to do is be a bit more instinctual and reactive and play with the receiver in front of you. In 2019, Chidobe Awuzie had a better passer rating allowed when playing from the slot than he did outside though he played considerably more on the outside. His slot coverage sample size isn’t very big.

However, given his speed and quickness, it makes sense that you’d want to put him in a position to play with the receiver in front of him as opposed to playing a trail technique like he did under .

There’s been talk that the Dallas Cowboys may consider moving one of their cornerbacks to safety and Chidobe Awuzie makes for an obvious choice and he could thrive at safety. But, he would have to lose his job to one of the incoming players for them to consider making the move. Despite struggling to locate the ball, he’s still one of the more experienced cornerbacks on the squad.

If new coaches Maurice Linguist and put Awuzie in a position to keep his eyes on the or help him learn to get his head around when playing press-man coverage, he still has all the athletic tools and speed you want in an outside cornerback. Rarely was Awuzie in the wrong position or letting his player run free. The issue has been making plays on the football when his back has been to the quarterback. However, when he sees the ball, Awuzie often makes a play on the ball. Per , Awuzie led the Dallas Cowboys defensive backs with 11 pass breakups in 2019.

Though he’s in the final year of his deal, I wouldn’t write him off just yet. changes and a change in defensive style could help Awuzie to shine in 2019. If does in fact bring a more blitz focused , quarterbacks will have less time to get rid of the football, which will make it easier for the cornerbacks to cover.

The Cowboys want to be more versatile and unpredictable on defense. Too often under and Kris Richard opposing offenses could read what the Dallas Cowboys wanted to do on defense. As good as they were at times, they could have been even better with a bit of gamesmanship.

Chidobe Awuzie’s versatility to play across the defense can help Mike Nolan disguise what he wants to do with his coverages. Awuzie has the opportunity to experience a breakout season under the new defensive regime. He’s got the tools to be a really good defensive back, he just needs to take the next step. With more competition in snaps and in the final year of his deal, here’s hoping that Awuzie rises to the occasion.

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Written by John Williams

Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could.

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  1. If Awuzie’s ceiling is the same as Terrance Newman, Kevin Smith (others who were always close but never “made plays”), then he’s more than worthy as a starting caliber CB in this league .. in fact, that puts him on the cusp of being an All-Star every year.

  2. Ok I have heard enough of the crap saying he does not do his job does any one remember when he ran down Barkley from the other end of the field Chidobe when no one else could catch him? Oh I guess that just slipped your mind. I say put him 30 yrds deep as safety and no one will get by him. no one. wake up morons pick someone else to pick on let me know when you can do his job. I know you can’t even run a 40yrd dash he can beat you running backwards. get a life?

  3. I really like what I’m hearing about Awuzie. I feel like the previous staff played a little bit of favoritism in respects to certain players. Hopefully this new staff can bring out the potential originally seen in some of our draft picks. Go Boyz!

  4. Your analogy is right on point for Chido, He very versatile and fast, but coach should know how to bring the best out of him. The Previous coaches did not know how to develop talent out of a player.

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