Doomsday Monday, Barber’s Ready To Go, And Romo Has A Tough Night Ahead

Do you remember playing football in middle school? The coaches trying so hard to teach you mechanics and basic skills. I remember hitting that solid blue tackling dummy so hard and feeling so good that I thought I was an instant pro. Turned out I was wrong. Well this Monday… DeMarcus meet Tackling Dummy. I’ve been studying the play of Jake Delhomme and it is not impressive.

The Carolina Panthers come to town Monday night, and I promise you you’re going to see a show. These Panthers offer something to the Cowboys that no other team has yet. Redemption. A struggling quarterback will give our pass rush a chance to achieve dominance and our secondary the opportunity to silence the critics. A solid rushing attack offers our rush defense the chance to finally prove they aren’t soft.

Doomsday has arrived, it’s a unit that has a lot of the similar look of the original doomsday defense. Bob lilly (Jay Ratliff), Demarcus Ware (Randy White), and Mel Renfro (Newman). Now before you get crazy, I understand that evidence of this eruption is well, non-existent. However, I feel confident that we have a talented defensive unit that can dominate. We have talent, speed, and intelligence. Wade Phillips actually IS a good defensive play caller, and DeMarcus Ware can only be contained so long.

Running Duo set to explode?

The Carolina Panthers rank 27th in the league allowing 168 rushing yards a game. The Cowboys lead the league in rushing. Get where I’m going? Marion Barber expects to be ready to go, and Felix Jones is starting to look good. I expect over 200 yards rushing total between our 3 backs.

Romo has a tough rebounding game.

The Carolina Panthers also rank 3rd in the league allowing only 151 yards per game passing. This is tough since Romo seemingly must have a good game to find himself back among all of your graces. Our recievers will have their hands full with Gamble, Marshall and Beason. Romo will have to be spot on to be able to play big on this stage.


I predict a Cowboys Victory winning 27-13.

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