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Draft Needs Updated

The Cowboys are in a world of hurt at this point. Especially on the defensive side of the ball. , and are the only starters that have played in all 10 games so far this season. Realistically the Cowboys could be trotting out there with a one armed and a one legged when they travel to New York next week.

At this point the Cowboys basically have a need in every defensive group. The ages of Ware and Hatcher, should strike fear into this organization to go a different route. All four positions on the need to be addressed in the . Obviously Ware will be back next season but there are no guarantees for Hatcher. The biggest question with Hatcher's career best performance this season is what kind of contract will he demand?

and Bruce Carter are still young talents and hopefully moving forward their concerns will become a thing of the past. Unfortunately at the present Lee's injury will haunt the Cowboys until he is able to return. The diagnosis was three weeks but it could be much worse. The Cowboys need to address the position because there is little depth there. Kyle Bosworth and are not players that you can count on for more than to spell a starter.

In the is no different  than the other two groups. Dallas does have some depth at the corners with Carr and Scandrick. Scandrick who is filling in the often injured . When it comes to the nickel corner, has been very suspect. Dallas should look to invest in another corner and fine a strong to couple with . Barry Church is basically a linebacker as he does he best work when playing near the line of scrimmage. With players like “HaHa” Clinton-Dix and CJ Barnett, the Cowboys should try and get either of them to play with Wilcox.

There are holes all over the and the has a few themselves. Dallas will also need to address the offensive position if they want to protect . The could also pop up once again with the contract status of . Free is signed through next season but Jerry will need to make a decision on him. Dallas is going to be in hell once again next season and if you cut Free, you can save $500.000 which isn't much but its a start.

One thing is for sure this team has far too many holes and not enough draft picks. Looks like Dallas could be set up to struggle for a few more years which will leave this fan base frustrated once again.


Patrick Conn
Patrick Conn
Patrick Conn is the founder and creator of Valley Ranch Outsiders. His work has been seen on, FanSided, Yahoo and Blue Star Times. He is an avid Cowboys fan and NFL Draft analyst. He currently hosts a podcast about the Dallas Cowboys.

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