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Drop The Gloves: “At Least” 2 Cowboys Kicked Out Of Sunday’s Practice

There comes a time during where you become sick of going against the same people. Each day you grind with and against the same players, and even though you are all representing the Cowboys, competitiveness and tempers are at high risk to boil over.

That seems to be exactly what happened at the afternoon practice on Sunday.

According to of 105.3 The Fan, and were kicked out of practice yesterday after a scuffle during the team periods. Fisher added that as temper's flared, there were then thrown.

Playing in college, any fight during camp was normally reprimanded by the , but then rewarded (in a sense) by the respective position coaches. I can't speculate that this is the attitude in Dallas, but that is the sort of culture around football which can make teams great.

The head coach wants to make sure that his yearning for discipline and professionalism is heard, but the position coaches know how tiring it can get to see the same opponents day after day.

While some believe the Cowboys took competitiveness within the team too far yesterday, I think it could also be argued this fire is a good sign for their mentality heading into the .

After going 13-3 in 2016, the Cowboys could potentially rest on their laurels and assume they are too talented to fall from the top of the East.

Clearly, they know better.

Someone like Noah Brown needs all the reps he can get as he competes with fellow wide-outs for final roster and spots. But as long as he didn't completely act a fool, I don't mind seeing some “dog” in a player whatsoever.

Still, the fact it went so far that head coach had to kick them out of practice is probably not a good sign. Further information is needed before we jump to real conclusions about the incident.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Gathers also, according to video.

I wouldn’t kick them out of practice unless it was multiple fights 1 player was in. Then they need a time out. May be good for Brown to bring intensity, and especially for Gathers.

Although he was a power forward in college BB, of course the NFL is a different universe and it’s a collision sport. So Gathers fighting might be a mentality indicator – like he’s not going to get dogged around. Or, he wants his roster spot, etc.

6’7 or 6’8 TE with bulk and agility, not a fast 40. If at all, he will succeed in the NFL as an Eric Green or Mark Bavaro model of TE. When he runs that hook that Witten runs, brings in a high ball and runs over a LB for a big gainer, that’s when we’ll have something.


These are the guys who are suppose to be showing us how mature they are and that they should be taken serious ! They protest and offend the country and the people who made them millionaires and then act like children. I don’t know but maybe the owner of the Houston Texans got it right when he said don’t let the prisoners rule the prison or something like that. Hey before the trolls start in the real world if you punch a guy even at WORK a word I use lightly for people who play a game for a living you get arrested and go to jail.

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