Dual-Threat Dak: Can Prescott Beat The Giants On The Ground?

If I was the New York Giants then two things would ring true:

  1. I would hate myself.
  2. I’d be all-in on stopping Ezekiel Elliott this Sunday in Dallas.

The G-Men are fixing to board a plane in hopes of beating the Dallas Cowboys in a season-opening game for the first time ever. Silly Giants, wins are for winners.

If New York were indeed smart like me they would be concentrated on Zeke. You have to imagine that the 4th Overall Pick is more likely to kill you than a 4th Rounder (who coincidentally wears #4… numbers are kind of my thing).

That’s the nature of football. You put all your eggs in the basket of stopping one person, and if you dare someone to beat you and they do… well hey, that’s football. The Giants are going to dare Dak Prescott to beat them, but that could very well be on the ground like Zeke would. My fellow Staff Writer briefly mentioned this on Wednesday, but we’re about to peel another layer off this onion.

Here are Dak’s Rushing Totals from Mississippi State:

[table id=70 /]

Dak Prescott can move, but what does this really tell us about how frequently it happens? What’s the measurement of being able to “move” anyway? When it comes to Running Backs we qualify a great performance as 100 yards, how many times do you think Dak Prescott has done that? Want to guess?

Nine. Epic.

[table id=71 /]

As you can see, Dak has had some serious success in the ground game and that has typically translated into wins for the team he’s quarterbacking.

Last season the Giants were 4-6 when allowing over 100 yards of total rushing on the ground. That’s the way to beat them – whether the ground game production comes from Dak or Zeek is moot. The recipe to taking down New York is to run it down their throats, one way or another.

Dak has those tools. The biggest sign of optimism for Cowboys Nation is that the Coaching Staff seems to be calling plays that revolve around this particular skillset.

Let Dak loose, I say. The Giants are going to be begging for us to. Let’s give them exactly what they’re asking for, and make them pay for doing so.

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