Emmitt Smith Finds Himself on NBC: Miles Austin Eyes Contract

So the season’s over and you’re about to settle down for another pitiful season of American Idol.  Given that there isn’t anything else for Cowboys fans to watch, right? Wrong.

Starting February 28th former Cowboys running back and NFL career leading rusher Emmitt Smith will be on a dramatic new series on NBC. Who Do You Think You Are will help seven celebrities uncover their heritage and discover where they came from.

As we’ve grown up with Emmitt Smith as a football player and a man who has given us all something to be proud of, now we’ll be able to get to know Emmitt Smith as a person and a get a chance to look inside his soul.

Take a look at the preview for the show below, courtesy of NBC.


Should be pretty awesome.

Seven Stories
A look at the upcoming series Who Do You Think You Are?–the remarkable true stories of 7 celebrities on journeys to discover their pasts.


9 Million Miles

Sources have said that Jerry Jones is pretty adamant on taking care of wide receiver Miles Austin long term this off season.  Austin exploded onto the scene against Kansas City in week five and never looked back.

With 81 Catches for 1320 yards and 11 TD’s Austin was able to fill the shoes of Terrell Owens, who was set to make 9 million dollars with the Cowboys this season.  That seems to be the Dallas standard for number one receivers as Roy Williams is making 9.5 million this next season.

So why not pay Austin 9 million a year for 5 years?

Some would question this move because of his ability to produce only one season.  You could make that argument but I would retort with the fact that Roy Williams only had one 1,000 yard season and never reached double digit touchdowns.

I think this would be a good move to keep the Cowboys competitive for years to come.

Run Down

Marion Barber has been the center of a lot of talk.

A lot of people, myself included, think that Barber’s value to the team would be better served if shopped around.  His injuries have slowed down his production drastically and we’ve watched his job get taken away from him.

With Felix Jones and Tashard Choice on the rise, is it worth keeping the injury prone Barber around? Should they shop him and get some decent compensation while he’s still worth it? You decide.

Jerry Jones denied a reported rumor that the team was doing just that, shopping him around for a trade, from the Senior Bowl this week.

What do you think?


Written by Bo Martin

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