Enough is Enough

I will be the first to admit that I jumped onto the Romo bandwagon in his first season as a starter. I like the guy a lot but this season has made my skin a little thick. The game against the Steelers pretty much drove the nail in deeper. Now after a day to reflect on the loss I have come to the conclusion that unless Romo has some kind of miracle turn around in these next few games and finally shows some of the spark that was what we were getting used too, something has to change. I am not saying replace the guy, I am saying find out things that he can consistently do well and use those to the teams advantage. I don’t know what kind of role Romo has in the play calling, if any, but the plays that have been called in the past few games seem to be out of his league.

It is like Garrett is putting all the weight on Romo and expecting the Brett Favre-ish, pull something out of your ass kind of plays. Is Romo in a slump? Is Jessica giving him blue balls before the game? Who knows? But in order to get over a slump, or as they say in body building a “plateau”, you have to change things up. You cannot continue to put the game in his hands and have him shit on you and give the game away. This team has plenty of talent to win, plain and simple. You can’t tell me the Steelers were a more talented team. I mean for real Tashard Choice abused the so-called “best defense in the league”, HEY STEELERS FANS HE IS A ROOKIE. Anyway, T.O. is now 35 years old, you have to wonder how much longer does he have in this league? The upcoming game against the G-men is a big game for this team. If you win you gain some momentum to make a playoff run (past the first round), or if you lose and you might as well be making your reservations in Cabo for Super Bowl Sunday. Honestly I am sick of seeing this team fail. Actually more like I am sick of seeing the offense fail. Oh ya and F*** You Jason Garrett.

With that said the Giants are coming off a loss to the Iggles. Please God tell me if the Iggles can beat the Defending Super Bowl Champs the Cowboys have to get a win next Sunday. You know how much I hate Elisha and how much it chapped my ass for them to beat the Boys and go on to beat the undefeated Pats last year. I am sure many of you share my feelings on this topic. Hopefully the defense comes out fired up again and plants Elisha right on her ass where she belongs.

Is anyone else as pissed as I am on this horrible Monday?

What do you think?


Written by Lee Pierce


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