Ep #12: Bonehead Rolando McClain, Greg Hardy’s Perpetual Appeal & Dez’s Contract Negotiations

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The last week in June actually provided a little fodder for the newsreels, when it’s typically a pretty slow time for Cowboys fans. This week, on Cowboys Cast 12, Bobby and Josh welcome 1st-timer Bryson Treece from to discuss some of the recent updates:

  • Rolando McClain was under a microscope and still failed a drug test. What’s his future with the team?
  • What is the hold up on Greg Hardy’s appeal?
  • Dez Bryant appears to be on the verge of a new contract; How much did the media’s smear campaign delay action?

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Check out Bryson’s article on McClain: Rolando McClain Sets Cowboys Defense Back With Suspension || Inside The Star

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Written by Bobby Belt

Bobby has served as host of Cowboys Cast since its inception in the spring of 2015. He’s a veteran of the radio industry and has worked on numerous nationally syndicated talk programs as both a technical director and producer. A lifelong Cowboys fan and pseudo-historian of the team, Bobby has built up an extensive collection over the years of original game broadcasts from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. His knowledge of the game and the Dallas Cowboys team make him the Cowboys Cast resident Cowboys Historian.

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