It's been almost three months since I campaigned for the Dallas Cowboys to sign then Free Agent Free Safety Eric Weddle. A lot can change in that amount of time.

Since then Weddle has signed with the , the has come and gone, and the did indeed add a in the 6th Round of the .

You can get to know Kavon Frazier by listening to his appearance on the #RJOShow. He spoke to me just one day after being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. Listen here.

Did I want the Cowboys to sign ? Of course. Was I upset when he ultimately chose the Baltimore Ravens instead? Of course. Did I, and the members of Cowboys Nation, move on from the whole thing? Of course.

I don't bring up Eric Weddle to pour salt in anybody's wounds. This subject is relevant in the early days of June thanks to a particularly interesting tweet courtesy of Weddle's new team.

This surfaced in the middle of a Q&A session between Weddle and Ravens season ticket holders. It's a little confusing, isn't it?

You saw the featured image for this post when you opened this article. It's a snapshot of next to Eric Weddle's very common #32 that he's worn for the last nine seasons as a member of the . He picked it because that's been his number throughout his whole career, right?


A user questioned the Ravens after the initial tweet, and the team in Baltimore gave us the answer that will cease the head scratching. Cowboys Headlines - Eric Weddle Honors Dallas Cowboys Legend With Ravens Jersey Number 1

It would seem that Eric Weddle actually wanted to wear #22 in Baltimore as an ode to the NFL's All-Time Leading Rusher, Dallas Cowboys Legend Emmitt Smith. Unfortunately it would appear that #32 was the closest that he could get to the iconic double deuce.

While were certainly bummed and are still probably a little sore that Eric Weddle chose the Ravens as opposed to the Cowboys, it's pretty cool to see something like this. What makes the NFL great is when guys appreciate its and the players that have come before them. Kudos to Eric Weddle for wanting to honor his boyhood team and one of his all-time favorite players in whatever capacity that he can.

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