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ESPN Fabricates Attack On Owens?

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ESPN Fabricates Attack On Owens?

I spent my evening tonight driving from Houston to Dallas so that I can be with my father who is having surgery on Wednesday to remove a cancerous tumor from his colon. He was diagnosed with colon cancer just one week ago, as you can imagine it has been a pretty crazy and scary week. Thankfully I have a wonderful wife and child there for me. Sometimes though it is good to be by yourself to have the chance to think about things, and to just get away from everyday life. Now none of this has anything to do with football or the Dallas Cowboys, but I had to give some background as to why I would be driving to Dallas on a Tuesday night. At any rate while I was making the 4 hour trip from Houston, I was able to listen to some very good Cowboy talk radio. There is always plenty to talk about when it comes to the Cowboys, and tonight was no different.

The story of the night was the latest edition of Terrell Owens talk. By now I am sure most have seen the interview with Owens, but just in case you have not here it is! Now like I said a few days ago when the circus came back to town. There are two sides to every story! I am still not sold on all T.O. is trying to sell us now, but I will say this; either every player,coach,trainer,and water boy employed by the Dallas Cowboys are the best liars on the planet. Or Ed Werder and ESPN completely fabricated the largest part of this story! On the radio tonight I was able to listen to a weekly show called “Inside The Huddle” with Martellus Bennett. Now on tonight’s show they also had our new favorite running back Tashard Choice, and if any of you have ever had the opportunity to hear Martellus Bennett talk you would know that he has a very BIG mouth. The host of the show asked them both about the “Incident” and they proceeded to tell a story of all of the Cowboys in the locker room at Valley Ranch receiving multiple text’s and phone calls from friends and family wanting the inside scoop, as you could imagine. The response is what was interesting, Bennett would say and I quote “We did not know what they were talking about” now I am sorry but it is impossible for Jason Witten and T.O. to be fighting in the locker room and no one know about it! So what is the deal? Well my opinion is that ESPN has now proven to the world (for those of you who actually believe the crap that they spew) that they are nothing more than that “grocery store trash magazine”. Evidently ESPN does not have any rules for their reporters to follow. Since when was it OK for someone to air a story without performing any kind of background work?

I used to love watching ESPN but I cannot stand the show anymore, I don’t even like to watch sports center! So as I have been writing this post I have decided we need to launch an attack against the world-wide leader in sports, where it hurts them most! I say we join together and vow to not watch ESPN until either the Cowboys win a playoff game or Ed Werder apologizes to T.O. and the Dallas Cowboys. What do you think? Are you with me? For those of you who think you will have problems following through with this, we will have a daily “AA” post here!

Leave us a comment and give us your thoughts or something you would like us to post for the Daily “AA” meeting! Come on Cowboy fans! Have you got your teams’ back? I do!


  • Pierce34

    Im with you! not only do i despise the fact that all the ESPN analyst love to take any shot at the Cowboys that they can, but they try and make more drama than there is. It’s sickening, I hate reality TV and when I want to watch some sports and highlights I don’t want to hear about locker room drama and all of that bs. What ever happened to just talking about the game that we love.

  • Pierce34

    Don’t know if anyone saw the Star-Telegram article about how T.O. should go on national TV and apologize to Ed Werder for calling him a liar. HAHA ya right!

  • Fred Goodwin

    I don’t think Ed Werder is lying, but I’m not saying TO is wrong, either.
    I think someone inside the Cowboys locker room took a minor comment and blew it all out of proportion. What I wonder is if Werder got a second source to corroborate the fist source’s story.
    Of course, Werder won’t name his sources, so that dumb-ass fan asking him to do so on Youtube is a total idiot — it won’t happen. But that doesn’t mean Werder is making this stuff up. He’s been covering the Cowboys far too long to make stuff up.
    Thwe only way to clear the air is for the unnamed “sources” to identify themselves and state exactly what they saw or heard. Of course, that won’t happen either; to do so would make them outcasts on the team, so all they can do is hang Werder out to dry.
    We may never know the entire truth, but who knows? AT one point, we thought we’d never know who “Deep Throat” was!

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