ESPN First Take: So Tebow Won’t Destroy The Cowboys?

As I reported last week, ESPN’s First Take had an interesting reaction to Orlando Scandrick’s injury. It looks like they may have changed their mind about Tim Tebow leading the Philadelphia Eagles to victory over the Cowboys this season.

First Take on Twitter

@TimTebow’s only hope at this point is Chip Kelly’s STUBBORN PRIDE.” – @RealSkipBayless #TebowLastStand

First Take on Twitter

I don’t think @TimTebow makes it.” – @ShannonSharpe #TebowLastStand

While Skip Bayless remained confident with his prediction of the Cowboys winning the NFC East, he did allude that he felt the Cowboys could be in trouble if Tebow took the field against them. From all reports, Tebow has not done anything that has shown he has the talent many of his fans feel he does.

It just seems to be slightly interesting that First Take would change their tune this quickly.

When it comes down to it the Eagles may keep him around in hopes he pushes jersey sales. But, in all reality I would take Jameill Showers over Tim Tebow without any hesitation.

What do you think?


Written by Walter Yeates

Avid Cowboys fan that will provide analytical analysis to the Draft, Film, and everything related to the team. You can find me @TheRealSmoothG on twitter.


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