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I just read an article on about how the Cowboys are the third best team in the NFC East, and how they expect to be treated like champions. The Boys get blasted for among other things beating the Bengals by “count them 9 points”. Matt Mosley even compares Dallas’s win (31-22) to the Giants win over Seattle (44-6) to prove his point that the Giants are the best in the East; stating the Giants “Franchise knows what its like to be a champion”. Well F**K YOU Matt Mosley! You are an absolute idiot. I have yet to hear any of the players or coaches or anyone from the Cowboys organization request to be treated like a champion! The NFC East is back to being the best conference in football, and it will be a war to become the champion, but no one can sit here in week 5 and predict the outcome nor decide this outcome by the way these teams have played against shitty teams!

However Matt Mosley did it not take the Giants Overtime to beat the Bengals by count them 3 points? And did the Redskins not lose to the Giants by count them 9 points? This sounds like the rationalization of a 9-year-old, “My Dad is better than your Dad” kind of shit! The Cowboys may be the 3rd best team in the East, but I can assure you of this there is absolutely no f**king way the Giants “Franchise” knows more about what it “Takes” to be a champion than the Dallas Cowboys! If you do not believe this to be true let me give you this to think about!

  • Cowboys division Championships = 20 (since 1960)
  • Giants division Championships = 22 (since 1927)
  • Cowboys Super Bowls = 5 in 8 appearances
  • Giants Super Bowls = 3 in 4 appearances
  • Cowboys record in playoffs = 32 wins 24 losses
  • Giants record in playoffs = 20 wins 23 losses

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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