ESPN’s Hatred Of The Dallas Cowboys Continues

So this happened earlier today, the national sports media is at it again. In an effort to conger up the often outspoken misfits known as Cowboys Haters ESPN’s First Take made another ratings grab. As seen in the video, they deemed the Cowboys season is doomed because of the loss of Orlando Scandrick.

Since when did Scandrick start lining up behind center?

While not to minimize the role Orlando plays on the Dallas Cowboys defense, I would be hard-pressed to write off this team in the NFC. In fact, I believe they are still the favorites to win.

Stephen A. Smith and the long time New York Giant, Antonio “I Don’t Even Know The Names Of These Players” Pierce; wait a moment. Stephen A. Smith made his name working for the Philadelphia Inquirer, he wouldn’t have a vested reason to spew Cowboys hate would he?

Of course not. Moving on.

Talkin Cowboys co-host Nate Newton put it perfectly today when he spoke of the issue and the need for Tyler Patmon to step up. It really is that simple, the Cornerback depth is vastly improved over the past few seasons and there is no reason why the players on this roster cannot step up and solidify this defense in Scandrick’s absence.

Skip Bayless made the most logical point of the entire segment, the Cowboys Defensive Line is going to get after the Quarterback. Sam Bradford, RG III, and Eli Manning will not have the opportunity to attack the secondary if Randy Gregory, DeMarcus Lawrence, Davon Coleman, Jack and Tyrone Crawford, Jeremy Mincey, and Greg Hardy get immediate pressure every time they drop back to throw.

The Cowboys will get to the Quarterback, they will get to him in the film room, in practice, in their dreams, and on game day. We may even see Ben Gardner and Ken Bishop get some for themselves as well. There is no lack of capable rushers on this team even with Hardy missing the first four games.

On the Running Back situation? If the Cowboys are not satisfied with what they see from Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden, and Lance Dunbar they will address that before the Regular Season begins. No, not by signing Ray Rice; they will either put in a waiver claim on a Running Back that did not make final cuts, or they will make a deal for one. Rice was already becoming unproductive before his off-field troubles, there would be no reason to pick him up off the street and expect him to be better than anyone on the roster currently.

They will not put someone back there they are not comfortable with, period.

Oh, Tim Tebow?  I hope he starts against the Cowboys; in fact I hope he starts every Eagles game this season. The amount of blitzes Rod Marinelli would throw at Tebow would be endless, and Tebow is not prepared to drop back and throw thirty times in order to win a game. Tebow has fans based off what he did at Florida, and the fact many are fans of his religious and political positions.

Not based off of NFL film they have seen of his.

As usual this was typical ESPN; spreading very narrow, poorly thought out views on the Cowboys. What a meltdown they will have when the Cowboys win their next Super Bowl. I will leave everyone with this final thought.

ESPN was rather silent on the quality of player Orlando Scandrick was prior to this injury. Did he suddenly become a better player with an ACL and MCL tear?

What do you think?


Written by Walter Yeates

Avid Cowboys fan that will provide analytical analysis to the Draft, Film, and everything related to the team. You can find me @TheRealSmoothG on twitter.


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