Ezekiel Elliott Unharmed In Reported Car Accident

Everybody breathe a huge sigh of relief on the count of three. 1… 2… 3… breathe. Ezekiel Elliott – the NFL’s leading rusher, MVP candidate, and lifeblood of the Dallas Cowboys – was in an apparent car accident this past Sunday. He’s unharmed, but the Cowboys are being careful with him and he will sit out part (for now, perhaps more) of OTAs.

Adam Schefter on Twitter

Ezekiel Elliott will miss his second straight day of OTAs today after being a passenger in a car accident Sunday, per @toddarcher and me.

Adam Schefter on Twitter

Ezekiel Elliott did not suffer any significant injuries in car accident Sunday, but Cowboys are being cautious now holding him out of OTAs.

This is the second car accident that has featured Ezekiel Elliott since January 11th of this year. Dallas Cowboys fans can’t take this kind of continual scaring, so I propose that Zeke be escorted by the Offensive Line while they drive the off-roaders that he got them for Christmas.

In all seriousness, the most important thing here is that Zeke is alright. It’s unfortunate that this is his second car accident in less than six months, but sometimes things just happen. The only thing that matters now is what happens now, and the Cowboys are being wise with taking every precaution necessary as far as holding Zeke out.

The Cowboys posted some photos from the first day of OTAs on Tuesday, and this photo in particular raised a few eyebrows because Darren McFadden, not Ezekiel Elliott, was in at RB1 with the starters. We now know why Zeke was absent, and why he will continue to be for the time being.

There is no need at all to fret over this as the Cowboys are just being extremely careful. This means more reps for McFadden and more time for Zeke to continue being Zeke. For what it’s worth Zeke appeared unharmed on social media as he posted a video of himself signing autographs.

RJ Ochoa on Twitter

FWIW Zeke appeared fine as of Tuesday at 5:24pm CT. (h/t @EzekielElliott Snapchat)

Remember that Ezekiel Elliott was the passenger in this automobile accident, so it’s hard to place any blame at all on his shoulders. Thankfully for all members of Cowboys Nation though, those shoulders appear unharmed.

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