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Fact or Fiction: The Cowboys Offseason Has Been a Failure

We're back with another fact or fiction piece, and in this week's edition, I'm going to give my verdict on the .

While the Cowboys have re-signed players and added two outside , none of their decisions have exactly warranted any excitement for fans, or me.

If you compare the current roster to the team that got bounced in the of the , it feels like their overall talent took a major blow, so you may see regression this season.

With all of that said, check out my statement below:

“The Cowboys can save their offseason by signing a big-time free agent.”

Is it just me or anytime a “big player” is linked to the Dallas Cowboys as a possible target, I know the they chase or sign the player is astronomically small.

If we go based on the franchise's free-agent history, the last time the Cowboys went after a “big name” player in was in 2012, when they signed , and before him, in 2006.

While players such as , , and Defensive could also be considered big-time players they signed, it felt like their signings were mostly hype because of their name, and they weren't in their prime anymore.

Jumping to this year's free agency, the Cowboys were linked by multiple sites to Defensive Ends and Chandler Jones, Za'Darius Smith, , as potential signings, and in typical Cowboy's fashion–they didn't sign any of them.

Now, I understand there is still a possibility the franchise can still actually sign Wagner, Mathieu, or even Defensive End , but my advice to fans is– don't get your hopes up too high.

The franchise did sign Wide Receiver and Defensive End , who were decent pickups, but those two are more low-risk, high-reward type players that don't move the needle for the team's overall talent.

As teams in both conferences signed or traded for stud players to stack up their rosters towards a run, the Cowboys remained complacent with their in-house talent and lost four key starters, and now it feels like there are more question marks at key positions for them.

Recently, made comments at a ribbon-cutting event that went viral that promised a kid the franchise was winning the Super Bowl this year, and added they weren't done making moves in free agency, the draft was still coming–so expect the roster to change still.

However, as much as I want to believe Prescott, my verdict is FICTION since the franchise hasn't shown any urgency to make big changes towards improving the roster, and I'm prepping myself for another year of mediocrity next season.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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gary b

The “ big name “ FAs that have been signed so far, were all on the downside of their careers, and were not worth the obscene contracts they were given. The cowboys should be criticized for showing good judgment? Since we smartly locked up Kearse to a reasonable contract, T Matthieu won’t be signed. Wouldn’t mind having me some Wagner though.

Mr T

As long as Jerry Jones is the Owner and GM, he will place more emphasis on buying players on the cheap, rather than what’s good for the Team. Another 50/50 season, sigh.

Cowboys fan

Jerry is not the one in control of signing free agents, it’s his retarded son Stephen Jones!! You mite need to pay a little more attention!! Jerry isn’t involved in the signings of free agents!! He got involved with the Randy Gregory contract cause he really wanted him, but then Stephen had to go mess that up!! In case you didn’t notice, Jerry was still the owner of the team when we won 3 Super Bowls in 4 years!! If Jerry was involved in getting free agents, he would spend all kinds of money on big name free agents!! That’s how we won all the time in the 90s!! The only mistake Jerry made was giving his retarded son Stephen more control over the team…. Specifically the cap space and signing free agents and how much money to spend on those free agents!! Once I found out about Stephen throwing Jerry up against his motel wall after Jerry signed Deion Sanders, I knew this team would go down hill once Stephen got more control over it!! And that’s exactly what happened!! Jerry wasn’t scared to sign big name players to big contracts, he done it all the time in the 90s!! And the only difference between then and now is that Stephen is in control of the cap and who we sign in free agency and how much money to spend on those free agents!! Jerry isn’t involved in any of that anymore!! So if you wanna put blame on somebody, put it on the right person…. And that person is Stephen Jones!!

Mr T

Jerry Jones is the Owner and the Manager. The buck stops there.


Jerry didn’t have to worry about the salary cap back in the early 90’s. It didn’t begin until “94. Once it did though, the Cowboys lived in salary cap hell for years. Stephen is not the best general manager in the league but hey, they were 12-5 last year so he did put together a decent roster.

Chuck Wright

Let me see if I understand your thinking. We should over pay for players at the end of their careers?


Now I’m pissed that Dallas could not get more draft capital for letting Cooper and Collins go but we dodged a bullet on Gregory who has NEVER played a full season in his career.

Not sure who in the NFC “loaded up” on players to win now.

Rams lost Von Miller
Pack lost Adams (#1 WR in football)
SF standing pat
Zona? Lost Christan Jones
Seattle? Lots of draft picks but lost their heart and soul, Wilson
Oh wait, you were impressed with Wentz going to the Commanders???????????????

Yeah, DC coming after Da Boys.

gary b

If teams valued Collins and Cooper more, someone would have offered us some draft capital. The OL desperate Bengals were the one that signed Collins and he only got 5 million guaranteed, with performance bonuses added in to protect the team.

Cooper had 3 years left on his contract, wasn’t worth 20 million, is injury prone, rarely took over games and he isn’t in the upper tier of WRs so there wasn’t a big market for him. Both were overrated, the same as Gregory.

The Boys make the right decision on all three. Time to get rid of some dead weight and bring in some new blood. Elliott will be gone after next season as well.

Lawrence C. Baker

Gary B, you’re spot on with your analysis of three overrated and unreliable players. Amari Cooper shows little enthusiasm about the game of football. Acts like he really doesn’t like it very much, just likes the financial benefits. Collins is an ungrateful Bastard! Jerry Jones took a chance on his ass after EVERY TEAM in the league said no. Randy Gregory is about as trustworthy as a weasel living in a chicken coop. Just a matter of time before he makes the Broncos sorry the brought him to Denver. Good riddance to bad rubbish !!!


You can’t sugar coat it. No reason to ot try to bolster the pass rush (doesn’t matter who is in the secondary if you can’t get to the QB). Chandler Jones or Vonn Miller would have been much needed.


Reading some the comments here is the reason the Cowboys will never win another Superbowl under the Jones fan continues to make excuses for ownership. Ask yourself this would any other NFL organization have Jerry as a GM or Stephen in control of salary cap running their team?

Manny P

The same Cowboys fan base that was ready to throw the kitchen sink at Cooper’s play on the road, miss games due to Covid and showing up maskless at Maverick games is now frustrated at the trade! Umm, NFL general managers saw the same plus they knew Dallas was in a bind with the cap #’s. Additionally, Cowboys could not wait it out like KC did otherwise we would have lost more than just Gregory. I said just Gregory because who wants a snake in the team? Forgot the dark days when Jerry helped him pay the bills and for his treatment. I will be surprised if he plays out the 5 year deal with the Broncos!! Who can argue with the talent on the Cowboys roster last year? Dak was underwhelming as a QB and as a leader! Dallas’s problem is with coaching!!!

Lawrence C. Baker

Damned right it’s coaching! Specifically the Head Coach and that overrated bumbling idiot Kellen Moore. All of the teams trying to hire new head coaches, nobody hired him!!! That should tell anyone with eyes in their head exactly what you’re looking at with Moore. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

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