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Fantasy draft tips: 12 Players I’m letting someone else take

These are guys I'm passing on in my , based on their  ranking.

1. (#4), (#9), and (#11).

I'm not spending my 1st pick on a QB with the position being so deep this year.

2. Arian Foster (#12)

1,077 carries over the past 4 years plus coming off herniated disk surgery. He could have a good year but no way I'm using my first pick on him.

3. C.J. Spiller (#43)

Watching him play in 2012 – when Fred Jackson went down – you could see Spiller's tremendous talent, however I don't think he'll be utilized well enough to warrant being taken in the 4th round. I'd much rather take Jackson (#98) around the 8th round, who looks to be Buffalo's back.

4. Trent Richardson (#51)

It is literally laughable that ESPN has Richardson ranked this high after the abysmal season he had last year. Sure, Richardson could have just had a hard time adjusting to a new mid-season, but from what I saw he just plain looked bad. I wouldn't even consider him until about the 8th round.

5. D/ST (#53)

No argument they are the best D/ST here, but they're still a D/ST. If you take them around their ranking that means you are spending your 5th pick on them, meaning you're taking a before 3 of your other starters! That's just not smart. To give some perspective, the highest scoring D/ST last year (Seattle) scored a total of 195 points. Every team that played the scored a total of 211 points.

6. T. Y. Hilton (#65)

Hilton finished 20th in points among WRs in 2013, but that was after their #1 TE, Dwayne Allen, went down week 1, and #1 WR, Reggie Wayne, went down week 7 to . Not to mention, this the Colts added WR Hakeem Nicks and drafted WR in the 3rd round. He's a talented kid but there are too many mouths to feed in Indianapolis for him to be worth drafting in the 6th round.

7. (#67)

The 49ers offense hasn't looked good at all this . Kaepernick gets to start the season with a healthy Michael Crabtree and newly acquired WR Stevie Johnson from the Bills, but those weapons still aren't as nice as guys you can get later like , , and .

8. Wes Welker (#79)

His ranking just went down this week after his THIRD concussion in 9 months, but even this low I'm not sure if I'm willing to spend a 6th-7th round pick on a guy that's one big hit away from having to hang them up. You're much better off taking guys like Marques Colston, Reggie Wayne, and Mike Wallace in this area.

9. (#85)

Let me start off by saying I believe Watkins will soon be a stud in this league, but it's extremely rare for a rookie to put up big stats. Watkins also doesn't have a great QB and is on a run first team. I'm all for taking rookies late, but at his ADP, I'll pass.

10. Stephen Gostkowski (#93)

The difference between the #1 K last year, Gostkowski, and the #12 K, Jay Feely, was 38 points (176 & 138). That comes out to an average difference of 2.2 PPG. You really don't need to draft a K until the last round.

Jason Ramirez
Jason Ramirez
31 years old. Cowboys fan since I can remember. Love anything to do with the NFL, but I'm especially a fantasy football and draft junkie. Always up for a good football debate on Twitter - @bigbackjay.

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