In the I either want a top 5 RB or Gronk. The worst case scenario is landing in the 6 or 7 spot and Bell, Peterson, Charles, Lacy, and Lynch are gone. I love Gronk, but I'd prefer to take him at #8 or later. In that scenario I would be forced to slightly reach for him, but I could easily make a case to take or .

If you're in a league that allows trading, I'd definitely recommend trying to into the 8-12 spot. In my first draft this year I traded the #2 slot for #9 since at the back end you're guaranteed two top talents. I ended up with Gronk and C.J. Anderson, as opposed to Peterson and Alshon Jeffery, and was very happy with my draft out of that spot.

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In the 2nd round you want to land a top 8 WR, top 10 RB, or Gronk if he fell out of the 1st round. Having a top 5 pick is nice since you're guaranteed a top 5 RB, but at the same time you're not guaranteed one of those top 19 players on your 2nd pick.

Round 2

5 players you can make a case for picking in that situation in the late 2nd:

  1. Alshon Jeffery
  2. Mark Ingram
  3. Andrew Luck

I don't like going for a QB high, but if you can land a top 5 RB then a top 2 QB, you put yourself in a good situation.

Round 3

In the 3rd I am targeting Jimmy Graham anywhere if I missed on Gronk. If you got Gronk or missed on Jimmy too, I really like , Frank Gore, and Justin Forsett as options for RB1/RB2.

Round 4

In the 4th round I'm targeting , , , and . All young, great values bound to break out.

Round 5

In the 5th I like , Andre Johnson, Vincent Jackson, and as WR2 targets, and I really like C.J. Spiller as a flex target.

Round 6

The 6th has a bunch of guys I like to choose from; Greg Olsen or Travis Kelce if I don't have a TE yet, or as my WR2/WR3, and Doug Martin, T.J. Yeldon, and Ameer Abdullah as flexes with RB2 upside.

Round 7

The 7th is where I start looking for my QB and it's a good spot to land . Arian Foster becomes a good value, and Chris Ivory is a solid RB3 available in this area.

Round 8

In the 8th I like Tevin Coleman as a bench player with a lot of upside if he can land the starting job, and Breshad Perriman and Devin Funchess are two rookie WRs that could see big playing time.

Round 9

In the 9th I'm targeting and Sr. as two reliable veterans that can fill in when needed.

Round 10

In the 10th round I'd really like to land the Texans D/ST.

I'm a big believer in streaming defenses (picking them up and dropping them week to week based on match-up), but I think the Texans is going to be special this year. They have the best player in J.J Watt, they added a monster in Vince Wilfork, should be back this season, and they drafted a CB in the first round this year that already looks ready to go in Kevin Johnson.

Not having a good QB is a plus, as it'll keep their games low scoring. Also, with the exception of Indianapolis, they play in a very weak division, their last two games are at Tennessee then vs Jacksonville, they could be a trophy winner.

If they're gone however, I also like as a high ceiling rookie WR.

Round 11

In the 11th round you have to go QB if you haven't yet, , Ryan Tannehill, Phillip Rivers, and are all good picks. If you have a QB, I like Reggie Bush, especially in PPR formats, and this is a good area to start drafting the handcuffs for your top RBs.

Round 12

In the 12th I really like Brian Quick, I think he'll drastically out play his ADP, if he's gone I'm trying to land a handcuff.

Round 13

In the 13th round I am targeting Dorial Green-Beckham as a high potential rookie, or as a solid bench WR.

Round 14

In the 14th round if you still haven't taken a TE, I really like as a sleeper or Jeff Janis as a sleeper candidate to fill in 's old role.

Round 15

In the 15th I'm taking my D/ST if I missed on the Texans, two good fliers are the Panthers facing the Jaguars , and the Buccaneers at home vs the Titans week 1 (Bucs can probably wait until the last round). Also, if you draft Tom Brady, a good strategy is to also draft Sam Bradford. The biggest knock of Bradford is his health, but in this area there is almost no risk and you're only counting on him for 4 games. If you want to go K a little early, Adam Vinatieri and are playing on arguably the 2 best offenses.

Round 16

In the 16th and last round I'm going for my K, Cody Parkey should benefit from the Eagles productive , and Matt Bryant should benefit from playing in a dome. If you already have your K and D/ST, Roy Helu is a fill in type of player with flex potential if Latavius Murray goes down, and Jaelen Strong is a rookie WR that should see a good amount of targets with little behind DeAndre Hopkins.