Through 5 weeks your team has likely seen its share of ups and downs, here are some guys you should try to target in a this week and some guys you should try to sell high on.

BUY LeSean McCoy

As a McCoy owner I know first hand how frustrating Shady has been, considering he was a top 5 pick, but by no means am I trying to get rid of him. He's still a 3 down + goal line back in a very good and it's not like the Eagles aren't giving him touches; he had 24 carries along with 4 catches this past week. If you can find a McCoy owner that's interested in moving him I'd definitely be willing to give up something like my RB2 and flex for him. In one league, I verbally offered for McCoy and the owner said he would be down if I added Shane Vereen. I sent him Cobb and Vereen for McCoy and so I'm just waiting for his response. McCoy should be a solid RB1 as soon as the Eagles' offense starts clicking. I'm sure he'll soon have a break out game just like Eddie Lacy had this past Thursday.

BUY Calvin Johnson

If Calvin's owner in your league isn't a big picture kind of guy and is panicking over Johnson's last two dud games – along with his current ankle – send him an offer and see what he says. Megatron can be a week winner when he has his monster games like week 1 where he put up a 7/164/2 stat line. Once he gets healthy, Calvin's value will be no where close to where it is now, get him if you can.

BUY Knowshon Moreno

It's easy to forget Moreno's awesome game 1 where he had a 24/134/1 stat line, since he's been hurt for the past month, but according to some sources Moreno could be back as early as this week. I don't believe  has done enough to keep the starting role over Moreno so Knowshon should be a solid RB2 down the stretch, buy low on him while you can.

BUY Roddy White

White just had his 2nd dud game out of 4 so his owner could be interested in moving him, especially since he has hamstring concerns that have already forced him to sit out one game. The Falcons is horrible so Atlanta will need to pass a ton. Their offense should put up big numbers week to week and Roddy should be a solid WR2 going forward.

BUY Mark Ingram

Ingram is in the same boat as Moreno, except we got to see him put up two big games before breaking his hand and the Saints are on bye this week. Ingram is aiming to return next week though, so I'm trying to get him now. I just traded Stevan Ridley and Jeremy Hill for Brandin Cooks and Ingram in one league, I think he'll also be a solid RB2 going forward as long as he's healthy. Now's the best time to try to get him on your team.

BUY Joique Bell

If Bell has been dropped in your league, I'd definitely scoop him up or try to get him as a throw-in player in a 2 for 1 offer. Bell hasn't done much this season and is coming off a missed game due to a concussion, but it's clear he's the Lions true between-the-tackles runner. Once Megatron gets healthy the Lions' offense should be explosive and Bell should be a solid week to week flex play.

SELL Arian Foster

Foster looked healthy and really good this past Sunday but he's still an older back with a lot of tread on his tires. I'd avoid the risk and trade him for a young stud like Giovani Bernard or if I could, it's very possible his stock will never be higher than it is now.

SELL Victor Cruz

Cruz is too inconsistent to confidently start every week. He had two very nice games in weeks 3 and 4 though, so you could possibly get a nice offer to a WR needy owner. The Giants offense has looked good as of late but Cruz is not a TD scorer at all – his TD week 3 was his first since week 4 of last season! Also, pick Odell Beckham is now finally healthy so he will surely steal targets from Cruz, sell high while you can.

SELL Stevan Ridley

Ridley is in the same boat as Cruz in that he's too inconsistent to trust week to week. If you can move him for one of the backs I listed to buy then you definitely should, but he's facing a Bills team this week he's done very well against in the past, so you could wait and sell next week, but knowing the Patriots sporadic play this year it's also possible he could get under 10 carries like he did in weeks 1 (8) and 4 (5), and his value goes down.

SELL Lamar Miller

As I stated earlier, I don't think Miller stays the starter once Moreno returns. It's very possible Miller just posted his two best games of the season, plus he just had his bye, if you can get a solid starter like his teammate Mike Wallace you should definitely make the trade.

SELL Kendall Wright/Justin Hunter

Both Wright and Hunter just posted big games, however their QB situation is such a mess I don't want any part of them. I did write before the season that I thought Hunter could be this year's Alshon Jeffery, which I still believe he has the physical tools to do, but after the number of drops he's had and his lack of targets this season, I'm definitely using both of these guys as trait bait this week if I can.

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