Fantasy Football: Why you should include .5 PPR in your league


For those who don't know, .5 PPR stands for half a Point Per Reception. Each player adds .5 to their numbers for every catch they record.

Personally, this is the only format I like to play as I feel it's the most balanced one.

In standard leagues, not one WR or TE finished in the top 20 in points in 2013, but there were a few in .5 PPR:

  • Demaryius Thomas finished 11th
  • finished 12th
  • Calvin Johnson finished 18th
  • Jimmy Graham finished 20th

To expand on that, only 24 WRs and 5 TEs finished in the top 100 in standard formats, while 29 WRs and 9 TEs landed on the top 100 scorers in .5 PPR formats.

At the same time, commissioners shouldn't get too cute with adding rules. As it is, QBs, on average, score more than any position. 16 of the top 20 players in standard scoring, and 12 of the top 20 in .5 PPR scoring were QBs.

Even with this advantage, some leagues actually increase passing TDs (standard 4 points) to 5 or even 6 points. I've played in leagues like this and never do well as it's a huge advantage for the guys who draft a top QB.

So if you're starting up a league, or are thinking of making some tweaks to yours, .5 PPR with 4 point passing TDs is the way to go.