The at-times credible NFL Insider, Ian Rapoport tweeted out the following this morning regarding Cowboys :

His tweet was accompanied by an article on, which even states that the Cowboys have yet to comment on any timetable for Dez. The news will not change the team's approach, as they have been well-schooled by and his . The knows they have a huge void in production that they will have to fill collectively.

Later in the morning, Ian's was contradicted by Ed Werder of :

It goes without saying, Dez Bryant's recovery time is still very much in question.

Brice Butler will have a huge opportunity to live up to his potential, as will Devin Street. , , , , and will all have additional opportunities. Does all of this sound familiar?

It should; as it stands, nothing has changed.

Whether Dez misses six, ten, or twelve games the objective remains the same; win each week. This is far from a reason to begin panicking. Dez will definitely be missed, yet his loss is not an insurmountable obstacle.

is still the , Jason Witten is still the , and this team still has a wealth of offensive talent.