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I’ve noticed that there are plenty of lists going out lately. Most of which shed no respect to Cowboys players who have rightfully earned it. So to fulfill the appetite of you fans I’ve created a list of the Best Cowboys of the last 15 Years. .. So get ready!

1 -The leagues leading rusher. Smith proved to be a “Go to guy” by coupling hard nose, downhill running with incredible durability. With 3 rings, Smith may be the most noticeable player in .

2 – Perhaps the most naturally talented player to emerge on this in years, Ware consistently strikes fears into opposing offensive coordinators. Ware has increased his sack total in each of his 3 seasons ending with 20 last year. There is no signs of slowing down which is good news for this defense!

3 – Concussion Troy can’t be forgotten for all the marvelous things he did in Dallas. He was a model field general, orchestrating 3 Super Bowl victories and becoming the Cowboys all time leading passer with 32,942 yards.

4 – The one player that ANY of us would give ANYTHING to have back. Darren Woodson played the perfectly forcing 23 interceptions. He was the backbone in many great defenses and earned a reputation as one of the fiercest safeties in the league.

5 -A distraction? Sure. However, Michael’s production was unmatched. He averaged over 15 yards per gain and had over 60 touchdowns in his career. He was a consistent target who was reliable and a HOF athlete.

6 – A big strong offensive lineman who was versatile in his play. At 325 lbs he was an immovable force and a good reason for Emmitt’s success.

7 - Witten is a Blue Collar, Smash mouth player who has, in my opinion, defined the future play of tight ends. He blocks well, He’s intelligent, and He’s a bigger threat in the then most receivers, He can shed tackles, and he’s not afraid to throw his body around.

8 - Though under constant scrutiny, he has produced more 300 yard passing games then any in Dallas history in 3 years. With a 64 percent completion rate, and a ratio or 2 td’s to 1 interception, his regular season play is comparable to some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time (Coming soon: a comparison against Peyton, Aikman, and Young in there first 4 years) I believe that given the opportunity, Romo will thrive in future playoff appearances.

9 - Prime time, Sanders electrified the field with his wonderful coverage, ability to force interceptions for touchdowns, and punt returning skills. Sanders had abilities that we will forever miss and may not see for years to come.

10 Terrence Newman- Not Deion Sanders, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily worse. Terrence doesn’t produce stats like some of the other elite DB’s but that’s because he’s never really tested. He is a shut down corner with speed and game breaking ability. He will be the staple in this defense for years to come.

11 - A bitter end to this story. Greg has given his all to this team and that has to be respected. He was a feared , but an even more devastating OLB with the ability to get to the passer; he’s registered 77 career with the Cowboys.

12 - The moose led the way for Emmitt throughout his career… Enough said.

13 - Nguyen solidified the middle slot in his second year after leading the team in tackles the first. His run stopping ability and hard hitting made him well known throughout the league. If it weren’t for a disc , Dat would be along , supporting the same number 1 defense he helped solidify in 2003.

14 - A hardnosed runner this team hasn’t seen since Smith. After going through Troy Hambricks stages and a little flash of Cason, Barber was a breath of fresh air. He has become a “Closer” and has the talent to become a franchise back and league leader.

15 - Though prone, Flozell has provided stability to the offensive line in Larry Allen’s Absence. He is big, strong, and mobile. He also uses his hands well and is also a talented blocker. An excellent round out to this list.

**Notable Mention** George Teague- For his incredibly memorable hit on , when Owens was boastfully disrespecting .

Bo Martin
Bo Martin
Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!

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Smith and Aikman are definitely a part of Cowboys history. Legends that played the game the best and made the Cowboys awesome. Both are going to be at the sports legends challenge and I can’t wait to see them in action again!


Jay Novachek – My #2 fav tight end of all time behind Witten (I might bump Ellis or someone down a few spots to fit him in..). Despite having his career cut a bit short was a big part of the superbowl wins in the 90s.

Good list.

Bryan Martin

Eric, Man you are totally right, I totally forgot about Jay Novachek. Who, after close look, would be right above Ellis and would’ve knocked Adams off the list.

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