has instilled an attitude within the which radiates throughout every member of the roster and even the staff. Each time Coach Garrett speaks you often hear him speak of how important it is for this team to fight.

No, he is not just speaking of fighting every snap of the game.

Coach Garrett wants every player to bring that same attitude to meetings, film sessions, and on the practice field. If there is one member of the franchise that exhibits this mentality it would be Pro Scout, Henry Sroka.

Henry Sroka? A Scout?

Yes, Henry brings everything he has to the table to insure the success of the Dallas Cowboys and has been the subject of several features. With that mentality organically spreading, there is reason to believe the Cowboys are close to achieving their ultimate goal of obtaining their sixth .

It may be easy to take the literal definition of fight with the recent events of with a number of skirmishes occurring within the roster, along with several major incidents this week during joint practices with the .

Earlier in camp the and fight gained national media spotlight. Several days ago and also exchanged pleasantries with one another. There is a clear message a careful listener can gather from the participants immediately following both incidents.

Coach Garrett's message and it was crystal clear.

In their own way, each spoke about how much of a family this team is and how willing they are to fight to earn their place on the team. Also take into account how quick each player was to point out that they had already put the incidents behind them.

Exactly how a family should.

This is not to say that a fight should break out daily during the remainder of training camp. Albeit, it is great to see just how intent this team is on taking a gritty mentality to the Regular Season. As Coach Garrett commonly states they will, “Finish The Fight” no matter the outcome.