One of the greatest moments in sports happened on the 16th green at Augusta National in 2005.

This revolutionized the “fist pump” as we knew it. The celebration became synonymous with epic sports moments and the trademark movement of Tiger Woods (who won The Masters that year for all those who don't know).

fans had few opportunities to do their own fist pumps last Sunday down in Tampa Bay. I scanned the game and, by squinting my eyes, found the best ones. Enjoy!

Jeff Heath Picks Off A Tipped Pass

One of the fans' favorite players, , justified his “GOAT” label with a nice interception in the waning moments of the first half of the game.

Cowboys Blog - Fist-Pumping Moments From Dallas Cowboys Loss To Tampa Bay

The pass was intended for Brandon Myers who was unable to reel it in. He did the thing that you're absolutely not supposed to do and tipped it higher in the air. Thanks, Brandon!

The Cowboys are no stranger to guys named Brandon doing things that they're not supposed to on a football field so they were well-equipped for that kind of situation (sorry, couldn't resist myself!).

This was a huge swing of momentum in the game as the Cowboys were up 6-3 at the time and the Buccaneers were already within field goal range. No sir, thanks to Jeff Heath.

Jeff Heath Picks Off A Tipped Pass… Again!

Deja vu!

Cowboys Blog - Fist-Pumping Moments From Dallas Cowboys Loss To Tampa Bay 1

With 5:48 left in the game, and the score unchanged at 6-3 in favor of the Cowboys, took a chance throwing to Adam Humphries. Couldn't hurt, right?


were sweating as our 3-point lead was under severe attack with the Bucs already inside our 25-yard line. Humphries (Happy Hump Day, by the way) had other things in mind though.

He pretended his name was Brandon and tipped, a pass that was behind him for what it's worth, the ‘ol pigskin up in the air.

Jeff Heath capitalized once again. Huzzah.

Jameis Winston Fumbles And The Play Is Overturned

This was a fist-pump that had to be retracted. Or pump-fisted.

Cowboys Blog - Fist-Pumping Moments From Dallas Cowboys Loss To Tampa Bay 2

On 3rd and Goal with under two minutes to go Jameis Winston decided to be a hero… bad decision.

He dove into the endzone and, untouched, fumbled the football. I know you're new to the NFL and everything Jameis, but that's seriously frowned upon at this level. They want you to hold on to the ball at ALL times. Crazy, right?

Right after the ball hit the turf it was recovered by and my coffee table went flying across my living room as I celebrated.

Unfortunately Jeff Heath got called for holding on the same play which gave the ball back to the Bucs… an opportunity that they took advantage of on the next play with the game-winning touchdown. I just left my coffee table in shambles out of disgust for the situation.

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