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Franchise-Tagged Dalton Schultz Skipping OTAs Amid Contract Frustration

has yet to receive a long-term contract this and is reportedly frustrated with the lack of progress. The Cowboys , currently with Dallas on the , will now be skipping this week's voluntary organized team activities as negotiations continue.

Mandatory mini-camp for veterans starts next Tuesday, June 14th. To be fair, plenty of veterans skip the voluntary activities for reasons other than contract issues. It won't be until next week, with potential fines for missing the practices, that we see just how frustrated Schultz is.

Since he received the Cowboys' franchise tag last March, Dalton saw Cleveland's David Njoku get a new four-year deal worth about $55 million. With Schultz putting up roughly 700 more receiving yards and double the touchdowns from Njoku the last two seasons, it's not hard to guess the kind of compensation he's expecting.

Schultz has been one of the most-productive tight ends in football since taking over as starter in Week 1 of the . entered the season as the starter but suffered a severe in that opener which pulled Dalton into duty.

The Cowboys face two dilemmas in their contract strategy with Schultz. On one front, do they think Dalton brings something special to the position or is a product of their offensive system? How much are they willing to pay if they think the latter?

On the other side, currently there is no proven depth behind Schultz to turn to if he holds out. Third-year prospect has seen little playing thus far, veteran is primarily a blocker, and is just a 5th-round rookie.

This may simply be a posturing move by Dalton Schultz and his agent right now when there's nothing to lose for the player. Next week will be a far greater indicator of just how contentious things are between the Cowboys and the tight end.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Wade Jodun

I say cut Schultz right now. The franchise tag nabs him almost $11 million.  Well boo hoo hoo. Suck it up Schultz. Dallas needs to change the culture of the organization. Randy Gregory was suspended for 14 games in 2016 for violations of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He was suspended the entire 2017 season, two games in 2018 and the entire 2019 season for multiple violations. He was suspended the first six games of 2020.  Good riddens. You have Kelvin Joseph who is such a moron he hangs with thugs and is in a car when shots are fired and a murder is committed.  La’el Collins tried to bribe a drug-rest collector and gets suspended 5 games. Good riddens. How many times between 2016 were Rolando Mclain and David Irvin suspended for substance abuse?  Zeke gets suspended for 6 games for iolation of personal conduct policy.  Terrance Williams suspended for DUI. Damonte Kanzee arrested for DUI. Over and over Cowboys players putting themselves over their team and leaving the team shorthanded. You have Dak getting $40 million a year and tying the Cowboy’s hands with the cap. The last 8 or 9 games of last season clearly showed Dak’s not a franchise QB. Want to blame someone for losing Amari Cooper…see Dak’s salary and his lobbying to get rid of Cooper. Now you have Shultz sitting out of OTAs. Shut up and accept the $11 million. Keep negotiating. But don’t hurt your team and teammates by being a butt-hurt primadona. This team needs a WE not and I culture. And, that goes for the Jones’ as well. Hey Jerry and Stephen, you’re not GMs or coaches. Hire a real GM. The Red Sox had their curse for selling Babe Ruth. The Cowboys have theirs from the senseless firing of Jimmy Johnson because Jerry’s ego.


Always hate it when teams like Cleveland, Jacksonville, Houston, etc jack up prices with All Pro contracts to average players.

For a moment, I thought Schultz had the same agent as Dak, DLaw or Zeke. Checked and it’s Steve Caric, agent to…Zack Ertz and a bunch of “who’s that’s”:

Is Caric trying to cash in on one of the few clients of his likely to get a large contract? Or, is Schultz truly that upset about “only” making $11M this season as a TE?

I like Schultz more than most people I see post on here, but even I’m scratching my head when it comes to the idea of giving him a bigger contract than what Njoku got. If he holds out, fine him and let Ferguson, McKeon, Hendershot and Bunting get much needed extra reps.


I like DS to a point, but don’t like this OTA skipping. Frankly, getting tired of these MULTI-millionaire players. So, Cleveland is dumb enough TO OVERPAY their player, the Cowboys have to do likewise??? They already OVERPAID many players that haven’t produced RESULTS according to their compensation. LIKE POSTSEASON WINS!!!

JUST FOUR 1st rounds postseason wins in last 26 years!!!

ONE 1st round postseason win in last six years with this so called “franchise” $40 million/yr overrated QB.

Agree with Wade and lone, time to change the culture. FO was/is way to lenient with some of these players, Gregory being the prime example, and then he bolts anyway. Should have cut Joseph immediately. Time to start doing something different because what happening now isn’t working.


Maybe Schultz doesn’t needs to have his lack of blocking skills compared to the other three who are better blockers?

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