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Frenzy Over Tony Romo Ramping Up, Trade Possible

Sean Martin



Frenzy Over Tony Romo Ramping Up, Trade Possible

Letting go is hard. The Dallas Cowboys are realizing this as the official start of free agency looms. Thursday’s free agency window expected to see QB Tony Romo hit the open market, but instead – from deep within The Star – trade talks may be picking up for the franchise quarterback.

Marc Sessler on Twitter

Here’s what @RapSheet had to say about the Cowboys trying to trade Tony Romo:

Keeping their options open, it is no secret that Jerry Jones’ love for Tony Romo was going to make it hard to pull the trigger on a release into an otherwise abyss of quarterbacks on the open market.

The ultimate businessman, Jones is reportedly gathering interest on a Tony Romo trade from teams that would be interested in his services as a free agent.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

If there are Tony Romo trade talks happening, few in either of the two buildings discussed know about it. Cowboys keeping options open.

This may simply be desperation from the Cowboys, or there may be other suitors for Tony Romo outside of Houston and Denver. Either way, Tony Romo is still an asset of America’s Team – one still focused on the betterment of the Cowboys in his final hours.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

Heard from a #Cowboys source on Tony Romo: “Was never being waived.” … Sounds like this may take a while.

Nobody truly wanted the Tony Romo era to end in Dallas, and now we may be waiting for this end for quite some time.

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  • Travis Diggs

    This is like a bad reality show or soap opera that just won’t end Get rid of this guy already !! Meanwhile.. the other 31 teams are dealing & wheeling and Were sitting here wasting our Free Agency with the Romo 24/7 saga. SMFH!!!!!!!

    • Sean Martin

      You wouldn’t want to get anything in return for Romo with a trade if possible? The Cowboys were never going to make a big splash in free agency anyway, so patience is important, particularly in this Romo case.

      • leo thomas

        Exactly get your poker face on

  • Randy Martin

    I had a thought on a dark horse for Romo. One team not being talked about and that’s the Jacksonville Jaguars. I know that Tom Coughlin has not endorsed Blake Bottles as the starter and Doug Marrone has publicly supported him. Coughlin has more pull in this situation. Jacksonville certainly has the potential to be a playoff team. Who knows what’s going to happen but it’s fun to watch!

    • Sean Martin

      Randy, this is a really good thought. You’re correct about Coughlin and Bortles, and we know that he has plenty of experience watching what Romo can do. There needs to be a dark horse team in these trade talks for anything to happen anyway, and the Jaguars do make sense. Thanks as always.

      • Randy Martin

        I see NFL Network scoping my story today! Haha!

        • Sean Martin

          Good stuff

  • Russ_Te

    So the Oilers – whoops – Texans unloading Osweiler pretty much just to dump his salary, is making it look like Jones has already lined them up to trade for Romo.

    I’ll be shocked if it’s other than a conditional pick. So if hurt early, little or no draft pick back to Dallas, but if he starts 14 or something, maybe a 3 or a 2 pick back to Dallas.

    Which is exponentially better than nothing.

    However with the Cowboys in the poor house and multiple players getting poached, this article explains the compensatory formula. They might have 5 or 6 extra draft picks given everyone who has or is about to sign elsewhere >

    Could you bundle several of these and move up the 1st round for one of the better DE prospects?
    If not, they will likely be gone by the time Dallas picks late in the round, but most of the CB’s will still be around.

    You have to get one of these 2 positions – an impact player – in round 1. Then you can go about the rest of it with the normal haul of depth players, project players and undrafted walk-ons. Then you need to hit on a couple of those at least.

    I don’t know if Demarcus Ware is really in the equation or not, but I can’t imagine he is your starting RDE at this point. Maybe a spot player for long downs. Assuming the Cowboys do not land a premiere RDE in this draft, you are looking at a year where Lawrence moves back over to RDE probably.

    He’s not as talented as a Ware or a Harvey Martin was, but a very good player who will give you some pressure from there. Then that of course puts Irving at LDE, and you need that next corner turned in his game – where he is a threat to dominate week in and week out.

    If you get that and the premiere CB in round 1, the team will be improved. If Jaylon Smith is ready, all the better.

    • Sean Martin

      I don’t think this team will look to do anything crazy with the comp picks that they’re getting, and I’m for giving McClay and this front office as many chances to hit on players in the draft as possible. As for this upcoming draft, I agree completely on the needs for the first round – and have been expecting the board to dictate a CB as the pick at 28 too. A great class to need a CB or DE in.

      I also agree that Ware is at best a situational rusher at this point, but one that could be incredibly valuable. Some news on his signing soon here would go a long way in brightening spirits.

    • Randy Martin

      Dallas’ comp picks won’t come until 2018 so no bundling this year…if I read your post correctly.

      • Russ_Te

        The article I linked mentions it at the end also – which I missed. Good call.

        But maybe they can still bundle them as future picks… ;^)

        I generally agree with using them for more chances to hit on more prospects, even waiting to next year for it. Dallas has proven able to do that with McClay, and the top teams get a lot of players that way because they project their pro impact better than other teams.

        But if I can get a RDE I really want up this draft, I’m probably bundling something to move up for it. If you got that position solved with a premier player & Irving starts consistently making plays from LDE – gigantic for 2017.

        • Randy Martin

          Actually you cannot bundle future comp picks either as there are 32 comp picks awarded across the league and they are not actually awarded until just before the new league starts in 2018. Early reports at we will have 4 based on the players we have already lost in free agency. So in essence we can’t trade what we don’t yet have.

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WR Brice Butler Makes Waves With Controversial Comments

Kevin Brady



Los Angeles Rams @ Dallas Cowboys: By the Numbers

Heading into this 2018 offseason, the Dallas Cowboys have to answer some critical questions about their wide receiver corps.

  • Is Dez Bryant still worthy of being labeled/targeted as a number one receiver?
  • Is Ryan Switzer ready to dethrone Cole Beasley as the team’s starting slot receiver?
  • What in the world do you do with Terrance Williams?
  • And, lastly, do you bring back last year’s WR4 Brice Butler?

Well, it appears that final question answered itself earlier this week.

Free agent wide out Brice Butler took to Fox Sports to voice his opinions on his future with the Cowboys, stating that if he isn’t going to be a starter, he isn’t going to come back at all.

“I think in this league, when you think about the business aspect, you’ve got to follow the money trail… Both of our starters made money. Terrance [Williams] just got paid last year. So there were times where I was like, ‘I’m making plays, aren’t we trying to win games? Why am I not on the field?’ But that’s the only thing that I can really think of.” -Brice Butler

Butler also made waves with a comment on Fox’s Undisputed, claiming that if given the same chances as Dez Bryant, he would have been more productive than Bryant was this season.

I am totally for a player getting the money he feels he deserves, and I wasn’t really “for” the Cowboys bringing back Butler anyway, but he probably sealed his fate In Dallas with his comments. This is the same team that cut Lucky Whitehead last offseason to send a message, and has tried to “clean up” their locker room with the “right kind of guys” lately, so it’d be hard to imagine them re-signing Butler now.

Even though I don’t think it’s that outlandish of a comment for him to make. I mean, why shouldn’t he want an opportunity to start somewhere? Unfortunately for Butler, I doubt that opportunity is in Dallas.

Plus, we all thought Butler should’ve gotten more chances during his time here, dating back to the disastrous season in 2015. And when he did get chances, Butler showed flashes of how valuable he can be.

Still, I think the Cowboys should draft a wide out to be their much-needed Z receiver, and signing Butler would just add to the log jam of pretty mediocre players at the position already.

Could Brice Butler have been more productive than Bryant? I guess we’ll never know. But it’s astounding how this rather average football team cannot help but make the news each and every day.

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Straight Outta Dallas: Cole Beasley Releases His First Rap Single

Mauricio Rodriguez



Straight Outta Dallas: Cole Beasley Releases His First Rap Single
Getty Images / Ronald Martinez

During an offseason filled with concerns for Cowboys Nation, Cole Beasley sure helped fans take their minds off coaching changes, free agency and draft prospects for a moment. Bease took Twitter by storm when he tweeted a link to his first single as a rapper… yes, you read that right.

Cole Beasley: an NFL Wide Receiver by Day, Rapper by Night

Cole Beasley on Twitter

80 Stings – Single by Cole Beasley on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album 80 Stings – Single, including “80 Stings”. Buy the album for $0.99. Songs start at $0.99. Free with Apple Music subscription.

“ColdNation Records” is the name of the company Beasley created alongside music producer Victor Clark, to release his first single. You can listen to “80 Stings” on iTunes, Spotify and just about every digital store, as the tweet above mentions.

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t know what to expect. But when I turned the volume up and played the song for the first time, I was surprised. It’s awesome.

When Beasley caught that football behind his helmet versus the Giants back in week 1, I thought “man, that’s it. Beasley can’t surprise me anymore.” Well, he proved me wrong.

“80 Stings” isn’t only performed by him, but also written by him.

It turns out Cole Beasley has been writing since he was in college. And if you already listened to the single, you know he’s awesome at composing, and his flow is actually very quick.

The whole song is pretty entertaining, but it does have some verses that stick out more than others. We all know Beasley has been an underdog his entire football career, so it comes as no surprise that he introduces himself as “Mr. Slept On”, for instance.

Throughout the song, the 28-year-old receiver shouts out his wife and his children (and the fact he’s saving money for when they go to college, something we had already seen him proudly mentioning on Twitter.)

Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott both got their own name-drops on Beasley’s “80 Stings”, too.

“But Sunday, Jerry’s boss now,

I’m a dog when Dak get the ball out,

Pull the sauce out…”

– Cole Beasley on his first single, “80 Stings”

The rest of the album, according to “Killa Beasley”, will be released this Spring.

Cole Beasley insisted this is just a passion and that in no way will it affect his football career. So, really… don’t worry about it. Just enjoy this awesome thing he decided to share with his fans.

This time of the season can be sort of stressing for Cowboys Nation. A lot of changes in the coaching staff that may not be the desired ones, a lot of players Dallas needs to bring back, and just the aftermath of a disappointing 9-7 season.

It’s nice to have something like this to talk about, for a few days at least.

From all of Cowboys Nation, congratulations on this achievement, Mr. Slept On!

Tell me what you think about “Straight Outta Dallas: Cole Beasley Releases His First Rap Single” in the comments below, or tweet me @PepoR99 and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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RG Zack Martin, DT Maliek Collins Undergo Successful Surgeries

Sean Martin



Zack Martin

With the NFL Draft, free agency, and of course the ongoing playoffs, providing so much for fans everywhere to focus on, it can be easy to forget that recovery is one of the most critical aspects of every team’s offseason. After the grind of a 17-week season, the Cowboys are recovering — both physically and mentally — as they slowly turn their attention towards building their 2018 roster.

Starting RG Zack Martin and DT Maliek Collins are both expected starters at their respective positions next year, and both players are now coming off of offseason surgery.

Zack Martin, whose name will remain in headlines through the spring as the Cowboys look to sign their franchise RG to a long-term deal, underwent successful elbow surgery. This will cause Martin to miss this month’s Pro Bowl, which he was named to for the fourth time in four years.

LT Tyron Smith is also not expected to play in the Pro Bowl.

In what was an inconsistent season for the Cowboys’ offensive line in performance, health, and cohesiveness, Zack Martin and this minor procedure should be the least of Dallas’ worries. The expectation is, of course, that #70 will be just fine to lead the way for Ezekiel Elliott moving forward, and likely paid considerably more by the time he takes the field again.

For DT Maliek Collins, it was surgery on his left foot that was minor enough to wait until the offseason — although the injury did appear for Collins on the team’s weekly injury reports throughout the season.

With David Irving effectively losing his 2017 season — a four-game suspension followed by a lingering concussion — Collins was asked to play more of the 1T position in his second season with the Cowboys.

Overcoming a broken foot from his rookie training camp to flash real potential as a 3T in 2016, expectations for Maliek Collins had to be tempered once he transitioned to the less “glamorous” 1T spot.

Defensive tackle is not a position the Cowboys have invested in heavily during recent years, so monitoring the health of Collins, while deciding where he best fits Rod Marinelli’s scheme, will be important as we approach the draft.

Like Martin, Collins should also be available for April’s return to work for the Dallas Cowboys.

Tell us what you think about “RG Zack Martin, DT Maliek Collins Undergo Successful Surgeries” in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

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