Further sign of change in Dallas?


Thursday was a day of news.

As well as the evening kick off against the Broncos, it was announced that Jakar Hamilton would be suspended 4 games for missing a drug test and that, in order to make room for Phillip Tanner to sign and provide some healthy legs in the backfield, the Cowboys were cutting 2013 4th round pick, CB .

In an that has seen the Cowboys proven veteran and allow to leave in , whilst handing out team-friendly contracts to ex-1st round pick QB and pro-bowler and pulling off a no-risk for another 1st round selection a few years ago, LB , the cutting of a 4th round pick just one year ago is yet another sign that there is a shift of power in the .

Dallas are known to hold on to their draft picks, even if their play doesn't warrant it.

Other teams are willing to cut even 1st round picks just one or two years down the line (see San Francisco's draft disasters in recent years) when they realize their mistake, rather being stubborn. This is yet another sign of a shift in the right direction.

might ultimately be in charge but clearly there are others who have taken the reigns behind the scenes or have a large influence in the moves that Jerry Jones makes.

It might take a year or two to bare fruit, but I think the Cowboys are moving in the right direction. What do you think?