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Future Super Bowl Sites Bode Well For Cowboys

The has become the single biggest sporting, entertainment, and social event on planet Earth.

Each year millions of people huddle around their televisions, or maybe just attend the party, to witness the grandest stage the NFL has to offer.

Because of this, it comes with no surprise that cities and franchises bid inconceivable amounts of money for the right to host the Super Bowl in their own stadium. This past week, the league announced the three lucky (or unlucky if you live there and hate traffic) cities which will be hosting the Super Bowl through 2021.

Houston and Minneapolis were confirmed for the next two seasons, while Atlanta, South Beach, and Los Angeles won the bidding war and the right to host a Super Bowl as well.

But, this is a Cowboys site and we are , so what does this mean for our team?

Well first off, these locations are all either warm weather places or will have the game played in a dome. So weather should have little-to-no effect on the outcome if the Cowboys are to make it to one of these games.

If you have read anything written by me in the past, you know that I love historical trends. In this case, I was interested to see how the Cowboys have faired in past Super Bowls when the game was played in one of these cities.

Well of the five cities, the Cowboys have played in at least one Super Bowl at two of the locations; Atlanta and South Beach (Miami). If we extend the definition of “location” to mean the entire state instead of just the particular city, then you can add California to this list as well.

South Beach (Miami): 2020

  • Super Bowl V: Baltimore Colts 16 13.
  • Super Bowl X: 21 Dallas Cowboys 17
  • Super Bowl XIII: Pittsburgh Steelers 35 Dallas Cowboys 31

All three of the Cowboys Super Bowl losses have occurred in Miami. The weather may be beautiful, but the outcomes for Dallas have been ugly and heartbreaking.

The first Super Bowl the Cowboys ever played in was played in Miami, Florida. That game, a loss to the Baltimore Colts, featured the first and only player to win Super Bowl while playing on the losing team, .

Howley wore number 54. will wear number 54. Just saying.

In Super Bowl X, we have the infamous Lynn Swann game as the Cowboys lost a close one to the Steelers.

Their third and, so far, final trip to Miami for a Super Bowl may have been the most heartbreaking of them all, however. They met the Steelers once again, but fell behind 35-17 with just under 7 minutes to play. The Cowboys battled back, only to miss out on an onside kick late and lose 35-31.

Oh, and also, the Jackie Smith drop happened in Miami. Ugh.

Atlanta: 2019Cowboys Blog - Cowboys CTK: The Legend of 22, From Bob Hayes To Emmitt Smith 12

While Miami featured some tough losses for the Cowboys, Atlanta Super Bowls have brought much more happiness to .

The Cowboys found their second of back to back Super Bowl victories over the Bills in Atlanta, and did so on the back of . Emmitt won MVP, something which only one running back has done since.

Maybe will break this trend in Atlanta come 2019, and get himself a Super Bowl MVP.

Los Angeles (Well, California in general): 2021Cowboys Headlines - Troy Aikman: The Greatest First Overall Pick In NFL History 3

The NFL is back in LA, and this may mean good things for the Cowboys. The first of three Super Bowls in four years came in Pasadena for Dallas, as they dominated the Bills in all phases of the game.

was awarded Super Bowl MVP, a feat which will certainly be looking to accomplish in the very near future.

So, of the Cowboys 8 Super Bowl appearances, five of them have come in one the next five locations. This may mean nothing, or it may mean that some Super Bowl voodoo is on our side.

One last tidbit, the Cowboys run of back to back Super Bowls began the year after a Super Bowl was hosted in Minneapolis, which is hosting once again in 2018.

Maybe 2019 in Atlanta is the year to watch for the Cowboys to put it all together, and to see Zeke Elliott do what Emmitt did in that same city years ago.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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