It's Christmas time which means that there are all kinds of treats everywhere.

Candies, chocolates, cookies… they're impossible to run from. Embrace the sugar. Embrace the madness. Embrace it all!

Sometimes the Christmas snacks aren't that good, though. There's that tin of vanilla-ish cookies that always makes an appearance every year at some sort of white elephant gift swap – it's inevitable.

Every year when faced with the cookie tin challenge I just sift through the can and pick out the ones that I like. It's an arduous process, but it's worth it.

That's what re-watching the game from last week was like. I dove in and pulled out the sweetest treats just for you.

Here are the from last week's loss. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

DMC Springs For 50 Yards

Just over three minutes into Sunday's contest busted out his longest run of the season.

Cowboys Blog - Bright Moments From The Dallas Cowboys Loss In Green Bay

McFadden took a toss from Cassel, which he almost dropped actually, and hit the hole quickly. The Packers were caught looking for cookies, or something like that, on the ground and didn't even notice Run DMC shooting past them!

A big run like this early in the game was a staple of the 2014 Dallas Cowboys and fans everywhere thought that this meant a big day was on the horizon for the . Wrong!

The Cowboys managed to turn this magnificent play into a whopping zero total points. Looks like we got one of those cookies with weird nuts in it. Gross.

Dez Does It Again

What is it with and ?

Cowboys Blog - Bright Moments From The Dallas Cowboys Loss In Green Bay 1

In the middle of the second quarter, on third down, threw it to Dez Bryant (probably a good idea, Matt… you should do that more often).

Dez went up and made, what appeared to be, an amazing catch. Not so fast though, this is Lambeau.

challenged the ruling on the field, no it wasn't deja vu, and surprise surprise… it was ruled that Dez did not catch it.

Hello salt. This is my wound. Jump on in. Ouch.

Triple Play Score

The Dallas Cowboys got some nice production from the ground game on back-to-back-to-back plays early in the third quarter.

Cowboys Blog - Bright Moments From The Dallas Cowboys Loss In Green Bay 2

The first step came when Darren McFadden took one to the left side for 45 yards. Sure DMC picked up a nice chunk of yardage, but holy !

The rookie absolutely blasted  and sprinted so fast I thought Herschel Walker was wearing #71. La'el has had some ups and downs this season, but man alive I am glad that this guy is wearing a Star. He is the real deal.

Cowboys Blog - Bright Moments From The Dallas Cowboys Loss In Green Bay 3

The very next play bounced it to the other side of the field for a nice 22-yard gain. Run plays everywhere!

#TurbinTime made a nice move to the right side and then jumped out of the arms of Quentin Rollins.

He scampered his way all the way down to the Green Bay 7-yard line. The Cowboys running machine was working really well at this point and you had a feeling that they were going to go back to it sooner rather than later.

Cowboys Blog - Bright Moments From The Dallas Cowboys Loss In Green Bay 4

The sequence was finished off emphatically when Turbin took it the rest of the way into the end zone for a Dallas Cowboys touchdown.

and generated a Grand Canyon-sized hole through the . The only thing in front of Turbin was Lennay Kekua in all her beauty.

This was the finest offensive drive for the Dallas Cowboys all day long as it culminated in their only score on the day.

That sweetness lasted almost a full quarter before Green Bay woke up and finished the job. At least, we'll always have these plays to hold on to.

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What did you think were the biggest plays from the loss in Green Bay? I want to know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me @rjochoa!