Giants 20, Cowboys 19: Williams, Elliott, Other Disappointments

Terrance Williams, known more for the passes he fails to catch, will now be known for the one we wish he hadn’t.

With 12 seconds left on a potential game-winning drive, Williams caught a crossing-route just past the 50-yard-line and was headed for the sideline. He elected to change direction and head for the middle of the field, perhaps thinking he needed to get the team into field goal range.

One problem; the Cowboys had no timeouts left. Time expired. Giants won.

Dallas squandered domination of the clock, 36 minutes to just 23 for New York. The Giants were able to take advantage of their limited opportunities, running the ball with ease and finding the endzone three times through the air.

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Ezekiel Elliott’s first game featured his first career touchdown, but not much else. The rookie was held to just 51 yards on 20 carries, perhaps the day’s biggest disappointment. The Cowboys running attack looked weak compared to the Giants’, which is hardly what was expected going in.

Other Notes

  • Dak Prescott was more impressive than his stats will indicate. He remained the same calm, collected passer who handled pressure and delivered the ball well on the majority of his throws. Most of his 25 completions went to Jason Witten and Cole Beasley, who combined for 16 catches.
  • Dez Bryant was given some opportunities for heroics but failed to complete the catch on a few tough throws. Just one or two of those jumpballs going his way would have likely changed the outcome.
  • Elliott’s lack of run success was so surprising that it deserves another mention. The lanes did not seem to be there for him, although Alfred Morris did have some better results. Elliott did not appear to be hesitant or dancing, though, and simply didn’t have the same good looks.
  • Brandon Carr had an interception for the first time 2013. He played textbook man defense on Sterling Shepard and broke on a curl route to snag the turnover.
  • Benson Mayowa had a sack in his Dallas debut. Eli Manning held the ball too long as the Cowboys had the play well covered, giving Mayowa time to get free and bring him down.
  • The Giants had no trouble running the ball right up the middle of the Dallas defense. Terrell McClain had a few good individual stops but for the most part there was little resistance. New York isn’t even one of the league’s top rushing teams, so the Cowboys will have to figure that out quickly to avoid further domination.

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Written by Jess Haynie

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