Giants Offense To Be Based on Garrett’s Cowboys Look

While Jason Garrett will not be with the in 2020, he will be in the East. And it seems like he’ll have a big say on how things operate on his newest team. After facing him as a division rival for 10 years, the New York Giants took in Jason Garrett to be the offensive coordinator for Joe Judge’s new .

Judge, despite being reported as a when the Giants made the hire by many media outlets, has spent much of his career working as a coach. Sure, he spent the handling the wide receivers for the , but his career has been mainly devoted to special teams, not .

So how much influence will Jason Garrett have on the Giants’ offense? After all, is heading into his second year in the NFL and his development is of the biggest priorities for the team.

Judging by the Giants Head Coach, Garrett will have a lot of control over his offense. Is that a good thing or bad thing for New York ?

After watching how things ended for Garrett in Dallas, you might be inclined to say “bad.” The answer may not be that simple. However, after the Cowboys built a strong and drafted a powerhouse in , many grew frustrated with the team’s tendency to run.

As the league shifts to more and more pass-aggressive attacks, at times it felt like the Cowboys were going backward, being conservative on early downs and keeping the ball on the ground. With Garrett’s coaching philosophy tracing back to the Air Coryell system in his offensive coordinator days, it’ll be interesting to see what he does in New York.

Will he implement a passing attack over a ground attack? Reports about Garrett wanting to take back play-calling duties as he coached for his job emerged last year, and you have to wonder what he might have up his sleeve.

Perhaps a hint of Garrett’s influence is seen in the Giants approach to drafting two offensive tackles in the first three rounds, even though it was well known the team had to address the offensive line to protect Jones soon.

Playing his former team twice next season, Jason Garrett will try to bounce back after being let go by the Cowboys. It’ll be interesting to see how much his coaching philosophy changes the next time he runs an offense.

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Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

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  1. Having Garrett, the Giants may be a tougher out for the Cowboys. And if the Giants are able to beat them in one of their games, that would hurt Cowboys success this year. Not totally out of the question that wont happen, if Jones improves enough and we all know Barkley is for real. Surprised they didn’t snag a better WR in the draft. Bin Victor is not very promising on paper. They did draft a very promising T Andrew Thomas. Will be interesting.

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