Sad news out of Valley Ranch today.

According to Nick Eatman of, the career of Cowboys linebacker DeVonte Holloman has come to a premature end.

provided the following quotes from this mornings .

“DeVonte got information back from the doctors … he visited with regarding his neck and it doesn't look like he's going to be able to play football anymore,” Garrett said.

While this is another blow to a that really can't afford it – I think we can all agree the effect that this will have on our defense should be the last thing on our minds as coach Garrett puts it into perspective for everyone.

“It's a very challenging, difficult thing for a young man who has dreams of being an NFL football player (and) achieves those dreams,” Garrett said. “I told him this morning, ‘you're a 10-year player in my mind. You'll be for a long, long time.' He just has everything you want. He has physical ability, he's tough and has good feel for the game.”

“But this becomes an easy decision for him and his family when you're dealing with that kind of an . He had a good visit with him this morning. He had a smile on his face. He's certainly welcome to be part of our football team.”

So for the for the former 6th round pick in the 2013 , it's a sad ending to a career that was just getting started. He opened all of our eyes during the last year as he became a turnover magnet. He gave us all hope for the future of the strong side outside position, while he started at middle linebacker the last two games of the season.

But it's also the beginning for DeVonte. It's the beginning of the rest of his life. The young man has a college education that I'm certain he will put to good use.

I hope he knows that in , once you are a Cowboy you are always a Cowboy. So let's all wish him the best as he starts his new journey in life.

Please join us in wishing DeVonte Holloman well during this difficult time for him and his family.