The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly For Cowboys Against Lions

The Dallas Cowboys put together a dominating performance last night against the Detroit Lions, winning the contest 42-21. This was the 13th win of the 2016 season for the Cowboys, which ties the record for most wins in a season for the organization.

I honestly didn’t believe that the Lions were good enough to compete against the Cowboys, but I never imagined that America’s Team would come out and completely dominate like they did, especially in what was really a meaningless game for the organization.

This was an encouraging performance for a team that was struggling just a few weeks ago and could go a long ways in how they perform in a few weeks in the playoffs.

Of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for the Dallas Cowboys last night. There were several areas that still needs to be cleaned up if they want to be one of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl in Houston, Texas.

So, here is this week’s edition of The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly for the Dallas Cowboys against the Detroit Lions last night. I hope you enjoy.

The Good

Dez Bryant, Lions

There was a lot of good last night for the Dallas Cowboys against the Detroit Lions, so it was a little difficult to narrow down just one thing. I do however like the way the Cowboys offense came out and performed last night in what was a meaningless game, so that’s the direction I’m going this week.

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott continue to make their case for NFL MVP and both players showed no signs of hitting that infamous “rookie wall” everyone keeps talking about.

I think what I liked the most about the offense for the Dallas Cowboys last night was the chemistry between Prescott and Dez Bryant and how offensive coordinator got #88 involved in the game plan.

We really haven’t seen Prescott and Bryant hook up on that back shoulder fade a lot this season, but they did so last night and made it look like they have been playing together for years.

It looks as if Dak Prescott and the rest of the offense is firing on all cylinders and that’s really good news for us Cowboys fans with the postseason just around the corner.

The Bad

Jason Garrett

The boneheaded penalties that the Dallas Cowboys continued to commit was the bad for me last night against the Lions. I don’t think there was an offensive series in the first half for the Cowboys where they didn’t have a penalty flag thrown.

I honestly think I write about these stupid penalties that put the Cowboys in bad situations on both sides of the ball every week. It is way past time to fix this major area of concern!

I don’t know why, but for some reason or another Jason Garrett hasn’t been able to keep his team from committing these ill-advised, boneheaded, drive killing penalties.

I don’t know about you, but I am worried that the continued appearance of the yellow flag lying on the field will come back to haunt the Dallas Cowboys once the postseason kicks off, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

The Cowboys were able to overcome a some of the long down and distances due to penalties last night against the Lions, but you can’t expect that to continue to happen in the playoffs when you’re going up against the best teams in the league.

This could ultimately be the Cowboys downfall in the postseason if they can’t find a way to fix this problem and fast.

The Ugly


The ugly for me last night for the Dallas Cowboys against the Detroit Lions was how the defense performed.

Rod Marinelli’s defense started off the game looking nothing like the unit that we have seen over the past few weeks, but fortunately they turned things around and once again made some key plays that helped get Matt Stafford and his offense off the field.

It was a little worrisome to see the Detroit Lions offense find success with Zach Zenner in the running game, especially considering the Lions are one of the worst teams in the NFL running the ball.

Zenner was pretty much dominating the Cowboys defense early in the game and was able to find the end zone twice in the first 22 minutes. It was really starting to look like the defense had a long night ahead of themselves, but they were fortunately able to bounce back and find their groove in the second half.

Of course, the defense did a lot of good last night as well.

It was really encouraging to see David Irving put together another dominating performance, especially with all the injuries the Cowboys have sustained along the defensive line. If he can remain consistent, he could really help this team in the postseason.

Let’s just hope the defense can continue to put things together when it matters the most.

What is your Good, Bad, And Ugly for the Dallas Cowboys against the Detroit Lions?

Please feel free to use the comment section below to share your thoughts and opinions on this topic.

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

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