Grading The Dallas Cowboys Offense From The Loss To Philadelphia

I’m surprised that you’re able to read this given that you probably threw your phone/computer against a wall when the Eagles squeaked by the Cowboys in overtime last Sunday Night. My shoulder is here for you to cry on.

The loss made it six straight for the Cowboys who have not just struggled, but have so far found it impossible, to find a way to win without the services of their star Quarterback, Tony Romo.

The offense specifically has been very hot and cold over the last two months. Consider that in their last two performances they barely managed to put up 12 points on the Seahawks (via four Dan Bailey field goals) and were able to summon 27 points against the Eagles. They just can’t seem to show up on a consistent basis.

Examining the game against the Eagles, there was definitely some flexing of offensive muscle. Step into my classroom as we grade the offensive performances of the passing game, running game, and receiver play.

King Of The Cassel

Matt Cassel wasn’t even with the Cowboys in Training Camp, but he seems to have found a bit of an offensive groove with them in just three weeks as the team’s starter. He had what was easily the best game of his Cowboy Career as he threw 38 times, completing 25 of his passes for 299 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Cassel did throw an interception to Jordan Hicks (who has since been sidelined for the season due to injury) that was returned for a touchdown, but that was really his lone bad throw of the day.

It’s a shame that Matt Cassel wasn’t with the Cowboys during the entire offseason programs and conditioning. You have to believe that he could have found a way to put one of these past six games together for a win, even though he hasn’t in the last three, but the other side of the ball isn’t doing him any favors.

Overall Grade: B

Anyone Can Run Behind This Offensive Line

It was a hectic week for the Dallas Cowboys backfield. After inducing far too many headaches than he was worth the Dallas Cowboys released Joseph Randle. They didn’t leave the backfield barren though, and they went out and got Trey Williams from the practice squad of the Washington Redskins.

None of it really mattered when the toe met the ball though as the only running back to receive carries for the Cowboys was Darren McFadden. The Run DMC Train was given 27 pieces of coal in its engine and it produced 117 yards on the ground.

For all of the people still upset that the Cowboys didn’t address the Running Back position in the draft, and you’re right they absolutely should have, would it have made much of a difference? 27 totes for 117 yards, against a stout Philly defensive line, is a solid day at the office for any ball carrier. They haven’t totally regained their 2014 form, but the Dallas offensive line definitely isn’t smoke and mirrors.

Darren McFadden has been running very hard and very well over the last few weeks. When he’s able to get 20+ carries he’s capable of doing some damage. The Cowboys are very fortunate to have him as the lead dog of the backfield.

Overall Grade: B+

Throw Up The X In A Cole New World

How awesome is it to see Dez Bryant making plays again?

Dallas Bryant’s Proud Papa reeled in five passes for 104 yards and one of the more exciting touchdowns of the season for the Dallas Cowboys. He was a man on a mission and undoubtedly energized not just the entire team – but all of AT&T Stadium.

Dez Bryant is one of the bigger game-changers in the NFL and there’s no question that the game was as close as it was in large part thanks to him, but he wasn’t alone as another Wide Receiver made some impressive plays.

✭Guada✭ on Twitter

Don’t you dare close your eyes!!

Shout out to one of my Twitter followers for a great response to my “A Cole New World” tweet. Cole Beasley can dunk, he can rip you apart on Twitter, and he can make big plays. We are living in A Cole New World as Beasley was targeted a team-high, and poetic, 11 times. He pulled in nine of those for 112 yards and made it in the paint twice.

We’ve been waiting for one of the wideouts to make a big play over this stretch. There’s no question that Dez Bryan’t presence alone makes things easier for everyone else, but don’t take anything away from Cole’s game. He balled out.

Overall Grade: A-

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