Greg "The Whiner King" Ellis at it again ✭
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Greg “The Whiner King” Ellis at it again

Cowboys Blog - Greg "The Whiner King" Ellis at it again

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Greg “The Whiner King” Ellis at it again

Well that didn’t take long. Greg Ellis has already started his campaign for biggest pain in the ass, and it’s not even February yet.

Now maybe we can’t really disagree with him too much since he is saying that he wasn’t used right on the field, but yeah, we can disagree. Ellis is old and he fades fast when he’s used as a 3 down player. He is a good pass rusher, but his coverage skills are below average for a linebacker.

He does have a point when it comes to the coaches not utilizing the players correctly in games, but he was hardly one to focus on. Yes, Wade and Stewart should have kept him out of coverage more than they did, but he wasn’t a liability in coverage, so it’s not that big of a deal.

But we all know about the lack of proper management when it came to players like Felix Jones, Terrell Owens, and others. So I say it’s a good thing that Ellis said some of what he did, but it’s about time that he accepts his position as a linebacker.

This is the fourth year in a row that he has complained about something, and it all started when he was switched from defensive end, his natural position throughout his career, to outside linebacker by Bill Parcels. Maybe he thinks if he becomes a big enough whiner that they’ll move him back to DE.

In reality, he’ll just be released or traded once the team feels they can rely on Spencer to fill his shoes full time. Something tells me that we might be seeing that situation this off-season.

Check out his comments on the DMN Cowboys Blog

Bryson Treece

Nothing gives me greater joy than the experience of being a Dallas Cowboys fan come time to check another victory on the schedule every Sunday. I live Inside the Star everyday and blog on it occasionally, as well. Follow us on Twitter - @InsideTheStarDC

  • Theo

    The problem with Ellis and the whole dang team, is that they are a bunch of whiners. Whatever happened to the days were athletes played because they loved the game. I don’t ever remember hearing any of the great cowboys of the past complaining as much as these guys. I wish sometimes that JJ could and would, cut half the damn team and get some players with maybe less talent and a lot more heart, I mean look what heart has done for the past two Super Bowl Champions, Steelers some talent more heart, and then the Giants, they were not any where close to the same talent level as the patriots two years ago, but they had more heart, so to me I rather have ordinary guys with decent talent and tons of heart, than these flashy super athletes who are gutless

  • Bryson

    You know, I miss those days too, granted I missed a lot of them being only 24, I can see the difference even watching old games.

    But what kills me about that, wanting players that play for love of the game, is that Romo is like that. He never whines, he gives such non-whiny answers to media questions that we always get pissed off because he says the same thing over and over, “We just have to have a good week of practice and try to get better. We will get better.” But that’s what we want from these players.

    Endless accountability for their actions, and the actions of every teammate on their side of the ball.

    Just look at Marion Barber. I think the guy is a #2 talent at best, but I admire the fact that he pays his fines every week for refusing to talk to the media. He just goes out and plays, and we never hear him whine. That’s a player owning up to his role. When he was injured, he didn’t sit on the bench, he stood on the sidelines with his helmet on for almost entire games. That’s heart. Good comment Theo.

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