Head Coach Jason Garrett Has Special Connection To Cowboys Next Opponent

The head coach of our beloved Dallas Cowboys has football embedded in his DNA. Jason Garrett, who is currently in his sixth full season as the Cowboys head coach, comes from a football family in which their love for this great game strengthened the bonds between them.

Jason’s father Jim enjoyed coaching college football at Susquehanna, Lehigh, Columbia, and the Coast Guard Academy; he also landed jobs as an NFL assistant with the Giants, Saints, Browns and Bills, and was three times a scout with the Cowboys.

As you can tell, Jim Garrett’s profession forced the family to move around the country quite a bit, making it hard for the family to truly settle down in any one place.

But if there was one location where the current Cowboys head coach could call home, it would be in Cleveland, Ohio.

From 7th grade until College, Jason Garrett lived in Cleveland, and learned to love it as if he had been there his entire life. The affection and bonds Garrett developed during his time in Cleveland continues today, as he rushed home from the facility late Wednesday night to catch the end of the Cubs/Indians World Series battle.

RJ Ochoa on Twitter

Garrett’s beaming when discussing Cleveland Municipal Stadium. I love how much Jason Garrett appreciates NFL History. Right kinda coach IMO.

Garrett’s love for the city may include their baseball team, but it was their professional football team where Garrett’s strongest loyalty resided. During his press conference Thursday afternoon, the excitement on Garrett’s face when talking about his beloved Browns was evident.

As Staff Writer RJ Ochoa pointed out on Twitter, Garrett was “beaming” when discussing the original home of the Browns, Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Though the Browns never brought home that elusive Super Bowl title while residing in this stadium, it remains historic nonetheless.

Unfortunately for Browns fans, the games which are most remembered from their old home are negative, such as John Elway’s “The Drive” in January of 1987. Despite this heartbreak, Garrett’s fandom and appreciation of NFL history still shined through when asked about those old time Browns.

David Helman on Twitter

Today I learned Jason Garrett wore No. 17 because of Cleveland QB Brian Sipe, his childhood hero. Today I also learned who Brian Sipe is.

My favorite factoid given by Garrett about his appreciation for Cleveland sports came from his explanation of why he wore the number 17.

Because of Brian Sipe. Yeah, Brian Sipe. That’s how you know Garrett’s fandom was pretty real and hardcore.

Most of football history won’t remember nor mention Sipe, but he is arguably the best quarterback in Browns history. In the 1980 season he put up unreal numbers for his time, throwing for over 4,000 yards, 30 touchdowns and just 14 interceptions. Considering his success, it makes sense that Garrett would cling to him as a young football player.

Jason Garrett’s ties to Ohio are still strong, with “Cowboys fan” family members still living there, and his all-world running back Ezekiel Elliott coming from Ohio State. Regardless of these emotional family ties, there is no question that Garrett and the Cowboys will be looking to dominate in his homecoming this Sunday.

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