Healthy Tony Romo to Back Up Dak Prescott, According to Jerry Jones

    The boss has spoken. The rookie starts.

    We finally have some closure on the situation. Persevering for his eighth straight win on the road in Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon, has essentially forced the Cowboys to stick with the hot hand – which they will now do.

    confirmed this following Dallas' latest win, while also providing some news on and his ongoing recovery process.

    Romo was inactive this week once again, after appearing on the throughout the week of practice as “limited” for the first time. Although he did not receive many full-team reps with this status, Romo will apparently be ready to back up Prescott at home against the Ravens in week 11.

    With #9 active, the rookie Dak Prescott might just face his toughest challenge yet in this game, as he's now being pinned as the man that will determine the faith of the currently first-place 8-1 Cowboys. Looking over his shoulder, Romo will only play if Prescott struggles enough to warrant benching, which has not happened to date.

    Sure, Prescott has had his struggles at times, but come crunch-time he always finds a way to rise to the occasion (sound like his now-backup at all?) – and that is how he made this quarterback decision a whole lot easier for Jerry Jones and his football team.


    Cowboys Headlines - Healthy Tony Romo to Back Up Dak Prescott, According to Jerry Jones


    Like it or not, there is no more “Team Romo” and “Team Dak”. There is simply “Team Let's Go Win All The Football Games With Whatever Quarterback Gives Us The Best Chance To Do So”.

    Improbably, that is the eighth quarterback taken in the Mississippi State's Dak Prescott.

    Are you excited about Dak Prescott officialy being named the Cowboys starter? Have we seen the last of Tony Romo with America's Team? Let's talk about the hottest topic in the NFL! Leave a comment below to start the conversation, or email me at

    Sean Martin
    Sean Martin
    Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.


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    Romo deserves to be a starter, but may be time for him to find a new home. Dak has Dallas on course


    Romo is a far better QB. This is insanity.

    Bradley Lambert

    I agree Matt. Romo gives us the best chance. Jerry and Jason just don’t want the bad publicity since the entire media is in live with this kid. Not to mention the lack of loyalty for the guy who has carried this team is just wrong

    John Williams

    As much as I love Tony Romo, hard to argue with Jerry and the coaching staff sticking with Dak. He’s done everything you could do in 9 games. They nearly won the opener in Dak and Zeke’s debut. Gotta give him a ton of credit for the work they’ve done.

    Phil Williford

    I can’t believe some of the Romo supporters, This man hasn’t done nothing to deserve his job back, so who are you fooling. I like Romo to but he is to fragile. When he got in the game last year he looked scared. I want healthy and youth right now. It’s over for Romo.

    Phil Williford

    How do Romo give us the best chance and what have Dak did that wouldn’t give him the best chance!

    Dallas Fan

    I feel as bad as Tony ,yes Dak is on his way to break records and put rings on his fingers but tony carried this parcel miss fit young team for years . Deserve to show the world what he and his fully rounded team can due . His knowledge helped Dak threw the games also.Yes 12 years a go there was the hold for the kick then 2 years later the lost which I as a fan since 1970 felt bad for him not anger then the catch that was a catch teams ready to roll for 2 to 4 year hes ready also for a couple breaks my spirit almost left as fan Landry and Jimmy J days I feel they owe it to him for his hart and kids he won’t fail.

    Nathan Martin

    I like Romo but you all know know as well as I do if Romo had been playing we would be sitting at .500 or less he is not the same qb his arm strength is gone and the interceptions would be mounting up game by game!! Leave Dak in the future is now

    USMC- Bruce

    Cowboys fan since Bob Hayes! Listen, I have wanted Tony Romo traded for many years now.

    Reasons: 10 years and only 2 playoff wins, jump ball is not the way to play NFL Football, poor decision making, turning the ball over constantly, throwing interceptions always, no leadership, not spreading the ball around, fragile, was not focused 100% on football, (Golf, Chasing Hollywood,etc) Gunslinger mindset, etc, etc. Your Tony Romo loyalty is misplaced!


    Romo has not lost arm strenght, accuracy or velocity. Bruce says fan since Bob Hayes but he must’ve been watching the last ten years thru a purple haze. Romo is the greatest QB we’ve ever had, minus a ring. He is still better than Dak who struggles badly with accuracy, reads and deep balls. Love the kid and he is the future but thru all the hype and hysteria people are missing his poor throws and bad reads. He through balls to TWill, Dez and Brice that were under thrown and nearly picked. He nearly concussion Witten with a misplaced pass. Rom has not only earned his job, he’s done nothing to lose it. Who in their right mind thinks going with a less talented QB is the right move. Further more, why the hell would putting Romo in cause us to lose. He is still better, we would be killing people instead on winning by 7 or 10. They are still stacking the box on Zeke. Can you imagine Romo in and the D has to back off? Zeke would go off for 200 and Romo 4 or t TDs, which he’s done even before getting our best back since Emmitt.


    Romo is tough as hell, has played through broken ribs, punctured lung, herniated disk and rushed back too soon from a broken collarbone to bail out this sorry team last year. We finally have the best team we’ve had in decades and the team Romo deserves in his closing window after shedding more blood and broken bones than anyone for this team. He receives a spit in the face from the Jonses who are distracted by the shiny objects of winning. Dak seems like a great kid. Seems poised and has played unbelievable for a rookie and pretty well for even a vet. But none of what he’s done would be anything new or unusual for Romo, who’s already proven he’s a great guy, proven his poise and proven his clutch ability. There is absolutely no reason to believe not only he would’ve had us winning all of these games but would have us winning right now. It is asinine to think putting Romo on the field right now would hurt the team in any way. All he’s done is lead and win. Getting the chance to lead the best team he’s ever had? Pretty sure wed win, and win big. And yes, he’s earned the right to be the guy that leads us to the Super Bowl.