Hey Tony! It’s Time to Step Up!

This has been a quiet week for the team. The decision on Free hasn't yet been made, but it is more and more plausible that the team will go in his direction towards 2013, since they didn't make a move on Clabo or Mckinney.  Almost every spot in the OL is up for grabs, the only certainty is that will start.

One thing is clear though, the Dallas Cowboys think they've got an elite QB in No. 9. Tony Romo is their guy. It's been made public that wants him to be a ” -type” by putting more time on the job and taking a bigger role in the . In response Tony Romo is cutting back on his hobby, one that Tiger Woods said himself that he is good at. The fact that our team's QB isn't going to try and qualify to the U.S. Open, and other big pro-am golf tournaments, tells us that he seems to understand this upcoming season might be his last chance to prove for once and for all that he's just not a great scrambler.

Let's let that sink for just a bit…

Yeah, Tony Romo is a 33 year old guy, who's just secured his great-grandchildren's life with a 9 figure contract. So he's got one goal in mind, well he should.  He better take the Cowboys deep into the , at least that's what is expected from him. This is the time when he has got to take business into his hands, be the leader this . Stop with the dumb/hurried passes that turn into painfull INTs and that kind of sh**.

And you know what, with just the right ammount of help, he can get the team to the big game. He's got more offensive weapons, he'll get  a little more time to throw the ball, and it seems he's comitted to take the next step…

So wake up and smell the coffee Mr. Romo, your team needs you and your fans want to trust you.

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Written by Gustavo Andreu

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