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What Does Hiring Of Jeffrey Kessler Mean For Ezekiel Elliott’s Suspension Appeals?

Kevin Brady



Ezekiel Elliott

As most of you probably know, Dallas Cowboys running back has been suspended for the first six games of 2017 due to domestic violence allegations. With an appeal hearing to begin this week, Elliott and his representatives hope to have this suspension reduced and/or repealed.

Due to the circumstances, however, it appears he will not be so successful in those goals this week. If the goal is for Elliott to clear his name and play in 2017, some serious moves were going to have to be made by both his team and the player's union.

Yesterday, the NFLPA and running back Ezekiel Elliott made their appeal intentions as clear as can be. By calling upon attorney Jeffrey Kessler to play a significant role in Elliott's appeal, it can now be assumed a federal court case is coming next.

The odds are you're wondering, who is Jeffrey Kessler and why does this matter?

Well, you've come to the right place for those answers.

Who is Jeffrey Kessler?What Does Hiring of Jeffrey Kessler Do For Ezekiel Elliott's Suspension Appeals?

Jefferey Kessler, refereed to as the "most powerful outside attack dog" by Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson, has taken the NFL on in a multitude of high profile cases. Most recently, Kessler represented quarterback Tom Brady during Deflate-Gate and also filed an antitrust case against the league.

In both the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson cases, Kessler went all the way to federal court and was able to get their suspensions repealed. So clearly, he has experience dealing with this subject manner.

Doug Farrar on Twitter

Kessler has traditionally taken the NFL's lunch money. This will be interesting.

Back in 2015, Bleacher Report completed a profile on Kessler, receiving quotes from important members of the league. One league official called Kessler "the worst" and said he "scares me because he's so good."

An NFL coach was quoted as saying he loves Kessler because "he gets players back on the field."

If commissioner Roger Goodell is truly a dictator run wild with power, Jeffrey Kessler is the leading lawyer trying to check that power and bring him down. I am not saying he is a good man, or a villain, but he is clearly a damn-good lawyer with experience in terms of these suspension hearings.

What does this mean for Ezekiel Elliott?RB Ezekiel Elliott Again Preparing For "Dress Rehearsal" Debut

To be quite honest, it appears that Zeke lost this initial appeal before it has even started. Ezekiel Elliott and his representatives requested that his accuser, Tiffany Thompson, would appear for cross-examination at the appeal hearing. Yahoo Sports had reported that this cross-examination would prove to be vital to Elliott's chances of having the suspension repealed.

That request was denied.

Now, without a chance to speak with the accuser, the NFL will likely strengthen their case against Elliott. With a strengthened case, it is hard to imagine that Zeke's suspension will be so much as reduced.

Why even bother with Kessler, then? Well, to bring this to federal court.

With Jeffrey Kessler now in the picture it's clear the NFLPA intend to file a court case against the league right after losing this appeal. There is no telling how this case will go, but in terms of what it means to the football team, it could delay Elliott's suspension to 2018.

This would be similar to what we saw happen with Tom Brady's suspension, as it was delayed a full season before ultimately being upheld.

Regardless of how this ends, it's evident it is going to get messy. Either Ezekiel Elliott is truly guilty, and all of this is for naught, or he is innocent, and Roger Goodell has severely abused his power. Either way, the hiring of Jeffrey Kessler points to this dragging out much longer than some may have initially expected.

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

  • Russ_Te

    From the Elliott point of view – and I am of the opinion the NFL is way off the ranch by meting out a very stiff penalty in contradiction to the police findings – I believe they are doing everything right, and that these are not negative developments for the upcoming appeal:

    Jones is upset and it’s possible or likely that his legal people, advised Elliott to go aggressive by retaining Kessler:

    – Elliott would ask for the cross-examination, knowing the NFL will block it. It sets up your claim of unfairness, with both the arbitrator and later with a judge.

    (They will get the cross in a lawsuit, and shred the NFL’s “preponderance” basis for their punitive actions, by introducing the same contradictions in the case that caused 0 police charges).

    – For that last reason, plus the fact Kessler is an aggressive SOB, the NFL will already be afraid of a court case it will ultimately look foolish in.

    So it will cave and the suspension will be reduced to 3 or maybe even 2 games at the hearing.

    Elliott will still refuse it and sue. He will play this year and the NFL suspension will lose in court in the off season. There is too much to gut the NFL’s conclusions with.

    I will stand corrected if need be… ;^)

  • Russ_Te

    See if the police had charged but it went hung-jury – or Elliott made a plea deal – 100% different footing for the NFL to write up the accusations they did.

    None of that has happened. Their legal footing sucks and they know it already.

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Maliek Collins Playing Excellent for Cowboys Defense

John Williams



Maliek Collins

For the Dallas Cowboys on the interior, a lot of the news consistently surround the availability of Defensive Tackle David Irving, but Maliek Collins is playing excellent right now. While I'm willing to be very patient with Irving because of the elite talent he brings, Maliek Collins should continue to start for the Dallas Cowboys at 3-technique defensive tackle.

Collins has been a player that the Cowboys have bounced between the nose tackle and the 3T position with the hopes of getting their best players on the field, and because of the lack of a consistent presence at the 1-technique or nose tackle position. Well, with Antwaun Woods taking control at the 1T, Collins has been able to play at the position where he's at his best. The 3-tech.

He hasn't put huge numbers in the sack column this season, but that doesn't mean he's been absent from being the disruptive player he's been through his first two and a half seasons.

During the Dallas Cowboys five game winning streak, Maliek Collins has led the Dallas Cowboys defensive tackles in total pressures with 13, according to Pro Football Focus. PFF combines sacks, quarterback hits, and hurries into their "pressures." Collins hasn't recorded a sack during the winning streak, but he has four quarterback hits and nine hurries. He's tied with Tyrone Crawford for third in total pressures behind DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory over the last five weeks.

Over the last five weeks, Collins leads the defensive tackles in solo tackles with five and is tied with Crawford and Antwaun Woods with three run stops on defense, according to Pro Football Focus. Collins has also has two tackles for loss in the last five games and recovered Tyrone Crawford's force fumble on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Collins had six sacks in his rookie season when he played primarily as the 3T, which allowed him to see more one-on-one blocks against opposing interior offensive linemen. Especially with the way the rest of the defensive line is playing.

With the Cowboys on the road to face the Indianapolis Colts this week, Collins is going to have a tough matchup with a very good Colts offensive line, in particular, rookie Quentin Nelson. Collins ability to get pressure on Andrew Luck on the interior is a huge key for the Dallas Cowboys this week. We know that Gregory and Lawrence will get their pressures, but if Andrew Luck is able to step up into a clean pocket, it will make for a much more challenging game for the Cowboys secondary.

Collins has proved to be up to any task over the last five weeks and if he's able to keep playing at such a high level, he'll make the Cowboys coaching staff, and the rest of Cowboys Nation forget about using other defensive tackles. For the Cowboys to make a deep push in the playoffs, they'll need Collins to be a big time player for them moving forward.

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Amari Cooper Wins 2nd NFC Offensive Player of the Week Award of 2018

Jess Haynie



Amari Cooper

For the second time in just three weeks, Dallas Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper has been named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Cooper scored three touchdowns, including the game winner in overtime, to lead the Cowboys to victory last Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. He has 10 catches for 217 yards, which led all NFL receivers last week.

Dallas Cowboys on Twitter

After his record-setting performance during week 14, @AmariCooper9 is the FIRST #DallasCowboys to win NFC Player of the Week twice in a season! → #ProBowlVote #ProBowlVote #ProBowlVote #ProBowlVote #ProBowlVote #ProBowlVote

As the official website stated, Cooper is the first Cowboy to win the award twice in the same year. He's also the first Cowboy to be named Offensive Player of the Week since Ezekiel Elliott in 2016.

Before this year, Elliott was the only Dallas player to win the Offensive award in three seasons. Cooper has now done it twice in three weeks.

Since being traded to the Cowboys, Amari Cooper has amassed 40 catches for 642 yards and six touchdowns.

His wasted time in Oakland may keep Cooper out of the Pro Bowl this year, but he's already become a fan favorite in Cowboys Nation. Congratulations to Amari for another well-deserved award!

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David Irving Out Again for Cowboys, Does Defense Need Him?

Sean Martin



David Irving Out Again for Cowboys, Does Defense Need Him?

Dallas Cowboys Defensive Tackle David Irving, once a key member of the team's defense, will not make his return after all against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. For the second straight week, Irving was reportedly trending towards suiting up before being ruled out. The Cowboys haven't missed his unique presence for 13 weeks (playing against the Jaguars and Redskins), including through an ongoing four game win streak that began with a win against these Eagles on the road.

In that road win, veteran Tyrone Crawford recorded a sack and three tackles, while Antwaun Woods added two for a Dallas defense that held Philadelphia to 23 first downs and 71 rushing yards. The Eagles managed to cross the Cowboys' 30-yard line just four times.

There are many scenarios in which the Cowboys could have cut ties with Irving for not being worth the off-field trouble he's caused - beginning the season with a four game suspension. The absolute best case scenario is what they've realized amidst this turnaround, with other defensive linemen taking advantage of the opportunity left behind by Irving.

While it can still be true that Irving would make more splash plays than the likes of Crawford, Woods, Maliek Collins, and Caraun Reid, this defensive tackle group deserves praise for their ability to step in. Pass rush ability is one thing teams can't have enough of, and the Cowboys are missing some with Irving, finding ways to win thanks to the other traits these defenders bring to the table.

Cowboys Passing Game Coordinator Kris Richard may effectively be the team's defensive coordinator with an emphasis on the back seven, but DC Rod Marinelli's impact is still felt - particularly up front. Regardless of where they're lined up and deployed, the Cowboys front four is expected to be disruptive on every snap, something this scrappy unit excels at.

Prepared once again to play on the edge this season, Crawford is thriving at his original position of 3T-DT. Crawford has two sacks, nine total tackles, and three other hits on the quarterback over the past four weeks. Leading by example with a relentless spirit on every play, Crawford has meant just as much to the Cowboys defensive ends as Irving could.

In a short period of time, the Cowboys have gone from building up Irving thanks to his transcendent ability to make those around him better to simply -- and importantly -- being better across the defense.

Led by DeMarcus Lawrence as their premier rusher, the Cowboys defensive line is a lot for opposing offenses to contain. The "Hot Boyz" work up front has allowed Linebackers Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch to play fast and make plays all over the field.

Maliek Collins, battling back from his second broken foot in three years, is proving again he's a patented Marinelli guy. Collins' play speaks for itself when considering if the Nebraska product is best as a 3T or 1T tackle. Wherever he's asked to play, Collins creates penetration with an explosive first step and can finish at the quarterback with an array of power rush moves.

At 7-5 and fighting for their playoff lives, the Cowboys are done making excuses on the 2018 season. Their strides on defense speak for themselves, and with a group that keeps Dallas in every game they'll play, the door remains open for David Irving to earn snaps again when ready.

The Cowboys don't know any better than their play without Irving right now, and as winners of four straight, it's worth questioning if we'll see Irving over the last three weeks of the regular season.

Tell us what you think about "David Irving Out Again for Cowboys, Does Defense Need Him?" in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

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