Houston Media: Please, Just Shut Up!

I have been living here in Houston for almost three years now and have just about had it with the media here! I was born and raised in north Texas and through all of my life in the metroplex never once considered Houston a rival of any type to any of the Dallas area teams, about the closest thing would be the Rockets (but even that has not been much of a rival). I like most in the Dallas area have always pulled for Texas teams (other than the Spurs) so it has been absolutely shocking to me to hear these dipshits around Houston talk. To hear them talk about Dallas teams you would think that Dallas is a heated division rival! This makes no sense what so ever as the Texans are not even in the same conference nor have they been in the league long enough to build any type of rivalry with a non conference opponent. I am not even going to include the Rangers in this because they are way too shitty to have anyone as a rival!

Since I am an avid sports/Dallas fan I am forced to listen to one of two sports talk radio stations (790 or 610) and theses people are awful they have absolutely nothing better to talk about than some one side hatred for Dallas teams. They say the most moronic things. The week following the Cowboys playoff loss to the Giants the ding-a-ling on 790 in the afternoon (I am not going to give him the satisfaction of having his name mentioned) he was having people call in to respond to this question “Did the Cowboys and Colts choke!” and his stance was that the Cowboys choked (I agreed with him on this part) and the colts just got outplayed! Come the f**k on are you serious! You have absolutely got to be kidding me! The Colts choked just as bad as the Cowboys did, It is this kind of bullshit that Houston sports fans have to listen to no wonder everyone here hates Dallas (except for a select few).

I would just like to tell the Houston media one thing, F**K YOU!! Spend your time talking about how to fix your own f**king teams and leave mine alone. Trust me Houston area teams have enough of their own problems for you to talk about or does it make it easier on you to not have to discuss your own deficiencies. I try to follow your teams and wish them well and should want to really pull for them as this is my home now but you all make it very difficult. I guess you only want your kind here and that is fine but I will promise you this every time I go to a game I will be sporting my teams colors!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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