Houston Sports Radio At It Again

Once again Houston sports radio (610 am this time) made a fool of themselves. I know that being a fan might make me a little bias in this conversation but, correct me if I’m wrong. I dare you.

First of all today was Troy Aikman’s birthday so that is how this all started, but the part of the conversation I heard went something like this:

“I think Troy Aikman was overrated, I mean you put Dan Marino on some of those Cowboys teams and it would have been different story.”

Cough….(Bull shit)…cough!!

I am guessing Matt Jackson, the one with the girlish voice who most likely has a inflatable girlfriend named Judy, was referring to Aikman’s season in 2000 where the Cowboys went 4-7, which also was his last year to play. He couldn’t possibly be talking about the six year stretch from 1991-1996 where Aikman made six consecutive pro-bowls could he? Or the 3 victories? Wait a second how many Super Bowls did Marino win??? OH YA FREAKING ZERO!

First of all Dan Marino was an extremely talented QB. No argument there. But so was Aikman only in different ways. What first came to mind was the systems these two guys were in. They were completely different. total opposites actually. Aikman having the luxury of the great while Marino’s offensive game plans were usually reliant on his arm and the . The Cowboys had a great offense in the 90’s and it was a combination of the extremely accurate arm of Aikman and the very efficient running game thanks to number 22. You can compare stats all day long and come up with any argument you want but all I have to say is Aikman was the man for the Cowboys, and there is no way the Cowboys have those great seasons with anyone else other than number 8! So I honestly don’t know how it would have turned out if Marino was a Cowboy but lets just say I am glad Aikman was pulling the trigger for the Cowboys!

On another note. Phillip and I were talking today about how when the Texans went on their measly 3 game win streak against some of the worst teams in the NFL the sports talk shows around here did not say a single derogatory word about the Cowboys, but as soon as the Texans went back to their normal fashion of being absolutely horrendous, all I hear is Shit talking about the Cowboys. Hey Texans , come talk to me when you have a winning season! But until then have fun with Sage Rosenfumbles.

What do you think?


Written by Lee Pierce

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