How Do The Dallas Cowboys Do In Election Years?

The Dallas Cowboys will begin their season on September 11th, 2016.

59 days after that the United States of America will elect its newest Commander in Chief. El Capitan. The President.

Thankfully we’re not here to discuss politics, we’re here to discuss football and America’s Team; however, you know that I like to tie some weird things together and that’s what I’m doing today.

Considering that this Cowboys season falls during an election year, I wanted to see how the ‘Boys have done in every election year. The club began operation in 1960 so that’s quite a few ballots to tally. Let’s do it!

Election Year Dallas Cowboys Record Final Result
1960 0-11-1 Missed Playoffs
1964 5-8-1 Missed Playoffs
1968 12-2 Lost Divisional Round
1972 10-4 Lost Conference Championship
1976 11-3 Lost Divisional Round
1980 12-4 Lost Conference Championship
1984 9-7 Missed Playoffs
1988 3-13 Missed Playoffs
1992 13-3 Won Super Bowl XXVII
1996 10-6 Lost Divisional Round
2000 5-11 Missed Playoffs
2004 6-10 Missed Playoffs
2008 9-7 Missed Playoffs
2012 8-8 Missed Playoffs

This… sucks.

The Cowboys have played 14 seasons in parallel with the free world choosing their new leader. In that time they’ve made the playoffs six times, hauling in one Lombardi Trophy all the way back during the 1992 season/election.

There are some fascinating years here, though. For example, Tom Landry established a 20-year period where he only missed the playoffs twice from 1966-1985. One of those seasons was 1984 which was an election year.

Cowboys Headlines - How Do The Dallas Cowboys Do In Election Years? 1

Speaking of Coach Landry, his final season coaching the Dallas Cowboys (albeit unknowingly) was 1988… another year full of electoral votes.

Let’s circle back to that 1992 season. This isn’t a political discussion, please remember that, but it’s worth noting that a Clinton was running for office and won that season. The Cowboys happened to win the Super Bowl that season and the last time that they even made the playoffs during an election year was 1996 when President Clinton was re-elected.

Hopefully the 2016 version of this franchise can make the playoffs during an election season for the first time in 20 years. That’s a campaign we can all support!

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