How Does Wide Receiver Terrance Williams Fit in the Dallas Cowboys’ Offense?

com_121213_NCF_Vblog_Dinich_TerrenceWilliams_121213 Nation was ecstatic when the Cowboys selected Baylor Terrance Williams in the .  The Cowboys badly needed a wide receiver in their ranks that can play outside; at 6’2”, Williams will be able to do that.

Williams is an excellent height-weight-speed guy.  He’s got the size to play outside and compete for jump balls.  Most impressive though is his speed, he isn’t a “burner” but he can maintain his 4.50 speed for the length of the field, creating good separation from defenders.

In short, Williams can blow the top off of defenses.

Still Williams has a lot to improve on before he’s truly an impact player in this league. However, with improved route running, Williams could be the future at the position alongside .

The question today though is, how does Williams fit into the this year?

A run through the numbers shows that as an offense, in 2012, the Cowboys completed 166 passes to players not named Dez Bryant, or . Those 166 receptions were off of 252 targets. Those same 166 receptions accounted for 1628 yards.

So basically if you consider last year Williams will have 166 receptions and 1628 yard to compete for.

Williams is sure to get ample playing time his year. Austin has proven to be a very strong and the Cowboys have wanted a legitimate threat to play outside in order for them to put Austin in the slot without too man coverage adjustments.

They finally got it.

Consider the role that had with the Cowboys and compare that to Terrance Williams.  When Robinson played with the Cowboys he had 54 receptions for 858 yards and 11 touchdowns.  That’s probably somewhat comparable to what Williams will see this season.

Williams will have to adjust to the speed and competition of the NFL.  While I don’t foresee him with an 11-touchdown season, I think he can reach Robinson level and further.

At one point this year Williams was considered a first-round prospect. Now, after falling to the third round, the Cowboys can feel fortunate to land a legitimate playmaker in an already explosive offense.

What do you think?


Written by Bo Martin

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