How much impact does a schedule have on a season?

With the 2013/2014 NFL schedule released yesterday, everyone has had their time to analyze, and come up with their own opinion on it.

I saw tweets prior to the schedule being posted saying things along the lines of, I hope the Cowboys don’t get screwed again with the schedule this year.

Damien Woody, former NFL offensive lineman and defensive end tweeted last night “Strength of a schedule is meaningless in football.”

On one hand, the teams you play, and the strength of them have everything to do with the outcome of the games. I think what Woody was trying to say was that if you’re a good, hard-working team, it shouldn’t matter who you play on what week.

The Cowboys have a tough stretch come December. Three of the teams December opponents had winning records last season, Chicago, Green Bay and Washington. Two of the teams made the playoffs, Packers and Red Skins.

The Cowboys also get their first Week 1 game at home since ’07. But, they’re playing the New York GIants, and the Giants have never lost at Cowboys Stadium. Last season when the Cowboys net the Giants in Week 1, the Giants were at home and still basking in the glory of a Super Bowl win. Then the Cowboys beat the Giants which started their season with a bang.

I wanted to get a discussion going, and see what Cowboys Nation thinks of the upcoming seasons schedule, and how much of an impact the schedule has on a teams season.


So, Cowboys Nation, what do you think?

What do you think?


Written by Shaleni McBain


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