How Much is too much?

Well from all indications it sounds as though the deal for Adam “Pac-Man” Jones should be complete sometime this week. I know what you are thinking; this was supposed to have been a done deal several weeks ago! It appears both the Titans and the Cowboys are on the same page as far as compensation now. From what I have seen and heard the deal will consist of the Cowboys sending a third round pick with a conditional fifth round pick (that condition being the cowboys make the super bowl).

Which one will show up????????

I am asking this; is “Make it rain” going to bolster the secondary and return games worth a third round pick? Well it depends on which Pac-man shows up! I am hoping he understands that this is his last stop in the NFL, if he does realize that he is getting an opportunity to resurrect his career, then this could be a steal for the “BOYS” but if the same lunatic that was in Tennessee shows up, well then this may not have been so good!

This deal is not a make or break deal for the Cowboys. This trade has way more upside to it than downside. He is going to come in and probably get a league minimum contract with some sort of incentive package based on staying out of trouble. Essentially the cost for the team is possibly two mid round selections. I realize that those rounds are critical draft rounds, and teams can pick up very talented players in these rounds. I stand firmly saying though that this one player could change the whole dynamics of this average defense in a way that could propel them to one of the top defenses in the league.

Either way this turns out we here at A Cowboy Nation will not hold back our criticism or praise! It is all up to Pac-Man!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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