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How Much Pressure is on Kellen Moore Next Season?

was getting praise for how well the Cowboys' was rolling last season, sitting atop nearly every offensive category. I get the vibe that either like him or they don't.

Dallas offense struggles down the stretch, but Moore still produced a top-5 offense every year he has been in the league and is one of the best young minds in the game.

Going into next season, how much pressure is really on him to make a difference?

There are many things where Moore can become more constant throughout the game. For one, the Cowboys were around league average in explosive play rate last season. In a passing league filled with explosive plays, the Cowboys have to be better in that aspect of the game, and it is not like they didn't have the personnel to do it.

The Cowboys have been among the worst in the league in scoring touchdowns on opening drives since the . We know missed the majority of that 2020 season. But the point still stands, the Cowboys should have more than four touchdowns on opening drives.

With some losses on the offense, Moore may have to get even more creative to get these big plays in order. It could be using on the field at the same time as , maybe even having a drive where they line up like a and let him try to create a big play.

Moore will probably end up somewhere else within the next couple of years. Next season may tell us a lot about how well he can figure things out, the Cowboys are still plenty talented on offense, but the offense may not rank nearly as high as last season. I don't think they will be around the top five again, but don't expect a huge drop-off either.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Brandon C

Why is Rocky Dennis still here? He’s proven over two seasons he’s not the wünderkind everyone crowned him. Amari Cooper isn’t a Michael Irvin, Chad Johnson, T.O type personality to demand anything. He damn near begged for more touches, Kellen failed him again and now he’s gone.
Moore is a two quarter chump coordinator and should’ve been fired after McCarthy’s first season. Dallas fans were whispering about Deebo Samuel and I asked “why give up so much to bring him to a club where he’ll just be disgruntled and misemployed like Coop was.”
This is most likely McCarthy’s last season. If I’m Mike, I fire Moore affective immediately and run the team like he should’ve been doing from day one. I’m singing Dropkick Murphys “Going Out In Style”. I‘m not stupid, I know Sean Payton is floating out there waiting and the Jones’ want him like they should’ve had him from the beginning!

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